Mars ushers in the era of audio perfection. Floating in the air with absolute stillness, it delivers a pure musical experience. Equipped with an exceptionally sleek shell design and highly sophisticated levitation technology, Mars will guide you to an unbelievable musical realm for a futuristic audiovisual ride. Welcome to the exciting new world of perfect sound.

Mars is modern minimalism at its best. Place the Mars Craft on top of the Mars Base and let it fly. Then hit play and immerse yourself in music. It’s that simple. The ingenious fusion of design and music will give you a listening experience like no other.

Levitation is only the beginning. Mars creatively combines auto-levitation technology with smart wireless charging. When the battery is below 20%, the Mars Craft will smoothly return to its Base then lift off again as soon as the battery is automatically recharged. Mars Craft & Base can operate 8 hours on each full charge.

The only thing more amazing than the Mars levitation is the Audio quality. The dual driver double frequency package combines a separate Craft and Base design which provides crisp and rich harmony. The unique configuration rewards the listener with more clarity on treble, more depth of bass and accurate delivery of the acoustic essence of any music genre.

With auto-volume enabled, Mars automatically adjusts volume based on your proximity to the device.

Using an iOS device, it’s possible to pair two Mars units to create a 2.1 Stereo Sound System for an incredible home theater experience.

Lossless Bluetooth audio transmission. aptX enables low transmission latency and superb fault tolerance against compression for the best Bluetooth audio possible.

The Mars Craft also works independently from the Base. It’s ultra-portable and easy to set-up. It fits in a pocket or sticks on a bicycle with its powerful internal magnet. The IPX7 standard means the Mars Craft is waterproof and the durable aircraft grade aluminum means it’s tough enough for on the go music.

Mars’s outer housing elegantly covers the speaker and provides a super durable protective shell. The Space Grey edition has an exquisitely anodized surface, artistically colored yet subtle. The Black and White editions share the same aircraft grade aluminum exterior but are richly treated with color and polished to a sports car shine.

For Android or iOS, total control is right at your fingertips. Every function is simple and intuitive and was designed to let you master levitation and sound to become a complete musical guru.

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