For those of us who don’t know Jide of St Ola, he is an amazing talented self taught makeup artist. He is one of the finest professional Nigerian Male makeup artists.

Misykona caught up with Jide for an interview here is the excerpt:

Can you share how you started your makeup journey?
I started makeup 6 years ago…I actually stumbled into makeup because fashion was my original dream, I saw a lady making up and I was intrigued.

What inspired you to settle for makeup?
When I realized that makeup was my life….. A day cant go by that I don’t think about makeup.

Whats your Signature look?
My signature look will be fashion makeup

What 5 items cant you do without ?
That would be…Brushes 
Brow kit
Gel or liquid liners
Lip gloss

Share your most challenging job and how you handled it?
My most challenging Job was when I travelled for a job and I forgot my brush set but I didn’t let the bride know, so I had to improvise using other methods….

Advise for upcoming aspiring makeup artists?
My advise to up coming artists is Practice, research and be thirsty for makeup that’s what will keep you updated and upgraded at your chosen profession.

Who inspires you globally and locally?

I love Sam fine because he’s self taught which I am as well….he’s a great mentor.

Watch this stunning transformation by Jide of St Ola.

A fabulous look by Jide of St Ola

Super Gorge!

Wake up and Slay

Meet Jide of St Ola

Beyond Incredible

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