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Cortijo Club is the Food concierge & Private clubs between the traditional producers of Andalusia and real Spanish gourmet food appreciators, it is the online channel from the heart of Andalusia to the world. It’s a Luxury concierge club based in Granada – Spain.

Positive relationships deserve to be nurtured. For those interested in connecting and having access to the very best. Cortijo Club is a call for reconnection, with your gourmet food, friends, family, partners and last but never the least, with yourself. The founders’ mission is not only to provide outstanding quality Food concierge, but also to call to action on getting to connect with your Food concierge by producing it yourself, executing very easy recipes, and being proud of the result. Also about connecting and sharing moments with whomever of your inner circle, you would like to please.

How Cortijo Club came to exist?

The first moment of this club was born out of the founders’ need to find better quality gourmet food, from small producers, because they wanted to eat different things that were not on the supermarket shelves and the idea flourished,l. They decided that people that live abroad should definitely try the most traditional products there are in the south of Spain, and that’s how Cortijo Club was born.

Connection is very important
To live a better life, and communication is the best tool. The internet has provided an unlimited conversation quality among people, and Cortijo is fast becoming the link between the small producers in Spain and the rest of the world. The founders’ love to go deeper, to think different, to tease and defy life. It’s the positive will to build great relationships that led to the start of Food concierge Cortijo Club.

As purpose or consequence
All the happy times, deserve an astonishing taste. Happiness is also about feeling pleasure and reconnecting with the simple things.

 Let’s take a look at the Aristocratic food membership at Cortijo

This package includes All of the very best to please noble members.

A creation born out of the love for gourmet food: Cortijo is very proud to introduce this absolutely amazing collection of goodies. The name of this package is truly befitting due to the fact that, like this, it might sound fancy, but it totally tastes much fancier. You’ll find the tip-top best products composing of what we could be called “the nectar of Andalusia”, there are eighteen items in total, being: Four fantastic, award-winning goat cheeses; Four distinct quality of cured meats, all deriving from breeds treated with olive diet; Two ultra-tasty wines, a red and a white one, both from the same denomination of controlled origin; a mandatory item in the Spanish cuisine, the incredible, premium quality, extra-virgin olive oil that comes from centenary trees of Granada; Three very carefully selected conserves, being one the mushrooms with prawns that is just so good, a pure brine green asparagus that is always a must for many Spanish gourmet meals, and the beautiful, caramelised queen olives fulfilled with blueberries; A gourmet reduction of balsamic vinegar derived from the Pedro Ximenez grapes; The only molasses (Miel de caña) produced in Europe, and Two key components for a smart and healthy kitchen, organic walnuts and almonds, also known as superfoods.
The founders really put an enormous amount of love into this selection, and hope to please from the simplest to the most demanding palates.

1. Pata Negra Goat Cheese [Word’s Best] – 1,7kg
2. Aromatic Goat Cheese – 500gr
3. Leche Cruda Goat Cheese – 500gr
4. “Tarro de Queso” Olive Conserve – 400gr
5. White Wine FONTEDEI – 750ml
6. Red Wine FONTEDEI – 750ml
7. Jamón Iberico [Olive Ham] – 150gr
8. Caña de Lomo – [Olive Loin] – 150gr
9. Chorizo Picante [Olive meat] – 280gr
10. Extra sausage [Olive meat] – 150gr
11. Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil [Centenary Trees] – 500ml
12. Miel de Caña – Molasses [EU exclusive] – 460gr
13. Reduction of Pedro Ximenes vinegar [Chef item] – 250ml
14. Queen Olives [Blueberry fulfilled] – 140gr 
15. Pure Brine Asparagus [Green] – 170gr 
16. Setas con Gambas [Mushrooms with prawns] – 175gr
17. Nueces/Walnuts [Super-Food] – 200gr
18. Almendras/Almonds [Organic] – 200gr
(Bread not included)

Members can purchase a one off package or subscribe for monthly deliveries. See more @ Slay Lifestyle

Price: €199.99
Click here to subscribe.

Food is our common ground a universal experience

gourmet food, Private clubs, Food concierge, Luxury concierge

Would you look at that Aristocratic spread!

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