🎉🔥Meet Luxe Textured Porcelain Tiles – your ultimate home revolution!🔥🎉

Experience the sublime blend of luxury and architectural precision, as we introduce to you our newest line of unparalleled floor and wall accents – the Luxe Textured Porcelain Tiles.

With each tile cut to perfection, these little pieces of artistry are set to splash a world-class ambiance right within your own home. From the lush minimalistic squares to the elegantly contoured rectanglettes, each piece showcases superior quality, reflecting a saga of craftsmanship that parallels none!

Boasting a stellar 5* rating in durability, our Tiles are fired at ridiculously high temperatures to ensure they stand as sturdy as the Rock of Gibraltar. They’re frost resistant, heat resistant, stain-proof and even pet-proof! In short, a perfect match for the chaos and color of human life.

But wait, there’s more! Our designers pull out all the stops with a texture so ethereal that you’ll feel like you’re gliding across a luxe royal palace. The beautiful rhythmic patterns and tactile surface kindly ask your bare feet for a quick dance, tempting them to go ‘en pointe’.

Choose this exuberant tile that showcases bold black We promise catering beyond the ordinary –

The Luxe Textured Porcelain Tiles are more than a purchase! They are an investment, an inclination towards luxury that’s a leap forward in lifestyle! 💎

To experience the luxurious touch under your feet, order now, and immerse yourself in a unique blend of comfort, enduring elegance, and unwavering quality. Invite opulence home today with Luxe Textured Porcelain Tiles – where detail is design!

* Don’t keep luxury waiting!* 🚀🌍

》Luxe Textured Porcelain Tiles―Crafted for Aristocrats, 《 💖


With a raised textured pattern and a semi-polished matte finish, the Rethink Decoro Leather Black 12” x 24” Semi-Matte Porcelain tiles create a warm hand-finished decorative look recreating the unique charm of plaster. A dark black color opts for a minimalist yet bold look, as the large-format scale provides a continuous visual with fewer grout joints.
* Textured Porcelain Wall Tile
* Raised Textured Pattern Emulates Beaded Wall Covering
* Dark Black Colorway
* Subtlety Textured Surface Gives a Leather-Like Feel
* Multiple Layers of Glazing Creates Matte Semi-Polished Finish and Glow
* Large-Format 12” x 24” for Fewer Grout Joints
* Wall Installation Only
* Interior Use Only
* Ceramics of Italy Product

* Item Size
11.81″ x 23.62″
Tile Finish
10 mm
Made In
Shade Variation
Water Absorption
PEI Rating
Frost Resistant
Chemical Resistant
Pieces Per Box
Sq Ft Per Box
Backsplash, Bathroom, Indoor, Kitchen, Outdoor, Shower
Art Deco, Contemporary, Modern, Transitional

Minimum order 4 boxes

We Always add 10% more than you need to cover cuts and waste

Delivers to United States Only

If you are in Africa you may contact our rep to arrange shipping for you. Pls contact us for this option.

Price: $250
All prices include complimentary worldwide shipping.

No returns or exchanges.
Delivery: 6-8 weeks

Instructions to purchase: click the Buy Now link above, enter the title of this post in the enquiry field, fill in the necessary details and click send. Slay Concierge will contact you to confirm details

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A texture so ethereal that you'll feel like you're gliding across a luxe royal palace.

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