Like fingerprints, no two “lip-prints” are the same. The “mark” your lips leave is 100% unique, but your lips reveal far more about who you are than your fingers ever will.

As one of the most palpable, seductive organs, they mirror your passions – and they reflect your power in the world. Here’s how:

Your lips can smirk – commanding the respect that only comes from success. The type of “earned privilege” everyone in the room knows – on a gut level – you deserve.

Your lips can speak too. Whether you’re conducting a high end business deal, closing on your second vacation home or imparting wisdom to eager listeners.

Let this modern wall art remind you to do everything within your power. As you alchemize your life into the highest most precious quality possible remember to make yourself so important your kiss could guaranteed the value of a nations currency.

Size 40 x 60 inches

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