I am loving my life so much right now …

People often wondered why Larry and I were together.
That’s not to say that Larry wasn’t attractive. He had a nice firm physique, a winning smile, and a decent sized cock — on the rare occasions I allowed him to show me.
But, to be honest, I was in a different league.
I had the kind of luscious curves, unblemished skin, and weighty tits most men drooled over.
And they weren’t even my best features — especially when I flashed my dark brown eyes or I showed off my round, plump ass.
Yet Larry had something most other men lacked.
Qualities that they either hid from the world or denied they even had.
Which was why I found myself dressed in a thin silk robe, naked underneath, and perched on the edge of a deep, white leather couch, my legs slightly splayed.
In the corner of the room, sitting on a hard-backed wooden chair, Larry was also naked — apart from a leather collar around his neck.
This distinguished him from the club’s staff who were employed to service the members — many of whom were milling around in the corridors beyond the open door or engaged in activities in other rooms.

The sound of cries and shouts and throaty moans drifted into our little reserved area.
And every now and again a slim, beautiful young woman would drift past — always in the nude — ass jiggling.
Sometimes she might peek inside and Larry would swallow. But he certainly wasn’t allowed to touch his cock, which was already achingly erect.
“Remember the rules now,” I reminded him, acutely aware of how damp I was becoming. “You’ll just have to do your best to hold all that lovely cum in your balls, honey, until I tell you it’s okay to unload. Which…might not even be tonight. Understand?”
Larry’s jaw flexed. He was staring at my cleavage now, lingering on the generous sweep of firm, creamy flesh.
I knew he longed to suck on my nipples which — by now — were poking obviously against the thin material of my robe.
Or maybe he would’ve preferred to put his cock between my two soft, pillows and pump himself until he jetted hot semen into the hollow of my neck.
But this pleasure was always denied him.

Unless I was feeling particularly generous and there were no other options available.
Which was rare indeed since finding Club Cuckold.
Of course, it cost Larry a pretty penny for the membership.
Luckily for me he was well-heeled and didn’t have to take a second job to afford it — something I would’ve required him to do for me if it had been necessary.
Because this was the most exclusive club of its kind in the country, offering the very finest, most well-endowed, and outrageously proficient bulls to be found almost anywhere.
And tonight, I’d chosen two of the best on the menu: a couple of black stallions called Samuel and Raheem, who arrived right on time, also completely naked, their huge cocks swinging as they entered the room.
I hitched a breath.
Larry and I had only been coming to the club for a couple of months, and Samuel and Raheem had, as yet, been unavailable. They were by far the most popular picks, and it was easy to see why as I took in their powerful, muscular bodies.
“Fuck…” I murmured under my breath as they approached, coming to stand before me. I licked my lips. This would be a challenge.
But if I had any doubts about whether I’d bitten off more than I could chew, when I glanced at my husband and saw his pained expression, a fresh flood of moisture escaped my pussy.

“Do you see how big they are, baby?” I found myself telling Larry. As I said, my husband was no shrinking violet, but these two bulls were a third bigger than he was. “I think that one of these boys might even get me pregnant. I’ve been neglecting my protection for some weeks now.”
Larry winced. “Christ…” he sighed.
I looked back to my entertainment for this evening and traced my eyes over their cocks. Each was almost the length of my forearm and as thick as my wrist. Samuel had a glob of precum leaking from his bulbous head.
My heart skipped. My pussy was now so soaking that despite their size, I was less anxious about accommodating them.
I eased forward on the couch, plucking at the tie around my robe, slipping the knot, and letting the fabric ease aside.
My tits spilled free, ripe and full, nipples standing to attention.
Raheem gave a low rumble in his chest and reached out, plucking at one of the little buds while Samuel tugged on his cock. It was swelling to an even greater size, and my mouth watered.
I put out my hand, encircling Samuel’s girth with my fingers, and my stomach tingled.
“God, it’s so fucking huge, Larry…”
Then I leaned in, putting it up to my lips, drawing in a breath to smell that beautiful musk, before dropping my jaw to squeeze Samuel into my mouth.
I moaned as I fed on him. He tasted just as I imagined: that hint of sweat and salt as I swallowed his precum greedily.
His cock thickened as I began to suck, while with my other hand I grasped for Raheem and was soon pumping him between my fingers.
I slurped greedily. I squinted, tears soon trembling at the corner of my eyes as I tried to take Samuel into my throat. Then I released him with a gasp, tendrils of spit spilling from my mouth, and turned my attention to Raheem.

“God, I love sucking huge cocks, honey,” I croaked, licking Raheem’s length before holding it up above my forehead to nuzzle his shaved sack. “I bet his balls are so full of thick, creamy, fertile cum, he’s going to put a baby in me as soon as he fucks me…”
Out of the corner of my eye I could see Larry gritting his teeth and straining on his chair. His cock couldn’t have been harder.
I smiled, feeling my pussy tighten at the sight, before gobbling Raheem with an extra fervor.
In this way I continued, feeding on these two well-hung specimens as best I could, heaving up saliva that spattered my swinging tits, until they both began to clutch their powerful hands onto the back of my head to face-fuck me in turn.
Then, when I was finally released, I knew what was coming next as Raheem pulled me up from the couch and Samuel lay back onto the soft white leather.
“I…I think I’m going to get fucked now, honey,” I told my husband, knuckling away spit from my chin. My heart was pounding, especially when I saw just how gigantic Samuel’s cock looked as I clambered up onto the couch, bestriding his legs.
Samuel clutched at my waist. My pussy was dripping as he guided me onto his hard, bulbous glans, and I felt my belly contract with excitement.
“Are you watching, Larry?” I sighed, flexing my hips so that Samuel’s rigid head pressed against the juicy lips of my labia. I slipped a hand through my legs to position his monster at the threshold of my entrance. I felt it throb against my palm. “He’s so fucking hard. I think he’s going to make me cum so much.”
Then, with Samuel’s cock in place, I transferred my hands onto his solid chest, and looked down into his beautiful eyes.
He smiled up at me, and I leant down to kiss him, our tongues snaking against each other.
At the same time, I teased him with my pussy as his cock strained on the brink.
Our lips parted and Samuel’s eyes drifted to my tits, one of which he began to suckle greedily.
I began to work my pussy onto his cock, my belly rippling as I slowly forced him deeper, my body aching with desire as I expanded to take him.
“Oh shit…” I hissed when he was almost halfway. “He’s so much bigger than you, Larry! I’m not sure I can take it all…”
Which was the truth.

But as Samuel slid his hands onto my ass and pressed me lower, I was soon inching my way to his hilt where I moaned and trembled in pleasure.
When Samuel began to fuck me, I lifted my eyes to my husband so that he could see the ecstasy etched on my face.
My tits bounced with each determined thrust, my mouth parted, my eyes narrowed.
Samuel levered himself up into me at the same time, and soon I was climbing toward my first orgasm.
I stared at Larry as my climax took hold. I let out a rough shout, dropping down hard onto Samuel’s length to feel him stimulate those zones of pleasure that soon had me wailing.
And as I came, I growled at Larry how much better Samuel was at fucking me, and that I was cumming on his cock so hard that I thought I was in love.
Larry watched me unflinchingly the whole time.
And, as instructed, he somehow managed to keep his hands off his dick.
I could also sense in him a feverous desire to jump up from his chair and somehow join in — perhaps ram his cock in my mouth and unload all that backed-up cum that he’d been forced to keep at bay for so many days.
But that would have been a gross violation of our arrangement.
A transgression that would’ve been punishable by an even longer period of abstinence than he’d already endured, most likely enforced by the cock cage.
Therefore, Larry remained the model of obedience.
At least for now.
The question was — did he have a limit?
Could he be pushed over the edge?
Especially when I became aware of Raheem moving into position behind me.
I looked over my shoulder.
In my complete focus on Samuel, I hadn’t noticed that Raheem had been attending to his cock, slathering it in lube from a bottle that he’d plucked from a bowl; one of a number to be found dotted around the room.
My pulse quickened. In my application I’d been happy to agree to pretty much any proposed sexual practice.
But now that Raheem shuffled up behind me and between Samuel’s legs, my belly tightened in trepidation…
Until I turned back to Larry again.
Then my anxiety quickly gave way to excitement, especially when I saw the lust-filled gleam in my husband’s eye.
“Gosh, honey…” I murmured. “Now, they’re going to fuck me at the same time…one in my ass, the other in my pussy…”
Larry’s face flushed.
I saw him ball his fists against his thighs. But all he could do was watch as I bit my lip, feeling Raheem put a slippery hand on my butt cheeks, easing them open so he could prod his unforgiving rigidity against my hole.
Beneath me, Samuel began to slowly move his cock inside me.
It made me clench, and Raheem was denied access.
“Relax…” I heard him murmur behind me.
I did my best.
I exhaled and frowned hard. I gave a throaty moan. Raheem nudged against my asshole and I could feel it inching inside me.
Fuck! Two cocks at the same time! Jesus! And Raheem felt huge!
But he breeched my entrance nonetheless, discomfort giving way to a strange pleasure; my cries of surprise turning to a demand for more.
“Oh God!” I rasped. “Oh, fuck me! Fill me up!”
And my ass expanded to take him, widening as he invaded me, until I was soon buffeted from behind as well as beneath.
My body, now filmed with sweat, heaved back and forth.
My tits brushed against Samuel’s broad chest beneath me; my ass rippled with each thrust.
And as I came for a second time, brought to my orgasm from the sensation of two cocks inside me, separated only by the thinnest of margins as they rubbed against a myriad of pleasurable nerve-endings, I suddenly became aware that Larry was not my only audience.
A small crowd had gathered at the entrance to our private chamber, watching as I trembled through my climax.
Not that this stopped the proceedings.
Rather, it catered to the exhibitionist in me as I was picked up and spun about so that Samuel could now penetrate my ass from beneath and Raheem could fuck my pussy between my legs.
In a daze I was seen to.
I kissed Raheem as he bent over me, his cock plying my pussy until I was quivering.
The voyeurs spilled into the room — shadowy, muttering figures watching me gasp and writhe and squeal.
Waiting for the inevitable moment when Raheem began to grimace, and his strokes began to falter.
Which, as I squeezed my pussy, appeared to be imminent.
“You going to cum for me?” I managed, my voice little more than a whisper. “You going to breed me? Please!”
While beneath me, Samuel’s fingers were tightening on my waist too, his cock swelling in my ass.
“Fuck…” Raheem growled.
“I want it all inside me!” I hissed. “Oh, God! Don’t stop!”
He didn’t.
If anything, Raheem deepened his strokes.
While, slapping into my ass from below, I felt Samuel’s stomach bunch, and suddenly the first warm spurts of cum began to invade me.
“Oh honey…” I crowed, throwing a glance to my husband, who looked like he was in pain, his body trembling. “They’re cumming. They’re cumming inside me! There’s so much!”
As at the same time, Raheem unloaded too: his cock stiffening; a flood of warmth lining my pussy.
Cum was soon leaking out of me as the two bulls continued to thrust, coating their shafts, creaming their balls.
Semen ran from both of my holes, especially when they both finally exited.
And as I was deposited onto the couch, breathing heavily, my eyes took in the rapt gawkers who crowded the doorway.
I licked my lips, feeling sexier than I had ever done in my life.
Especially when I swung my attention back to my husband who — by now — had, unaided, ejaculated over himself.
My body tingled at the sight. Larry had become so excited he hadn’t been able to help himself.
And yet…
…that was no excuse.
I tutted, pulling my legs up onto the edge of the couch. Cum spilt from both my holes. “Honey, I told you…you’re not allowed to cum. So…you need to be punished.”
And I worked my muscles, forcing more semen out of me. “Time to clean up,” I told my husband, glancing over to the two glistening hulks that had expertly serviced me. Their deflating cocks were streaked with cream. “And you can start with them. Lick them spotless, and then it’s my turn…”
Which was when I sighed, and lay contentedly back amongst the cushions.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








I am loving my life so much right now …

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