She looks so good in her bikini I heard him whisper!

I look through my bedroom window, swelling with arousal when I see my neighbor Sam’s daughter Stella walk out to the pool in a little red bikini.

Sam and I don’t get along. I accidentally stepped onto his lawn once, and the man bitched me out as if I’d burned all of the grass.

However, my dislike doesn’t extend to his daughter, who is the definition of a blonde bombshell and has been the subject of many of my wet dreams.

Though she’s a full-grown 22-year-old woman, I still feel like a creep for having a crush on her. I don’t want to be the cliché 40-something man who lusts after women half his age, but here I am, lusting after a gorgeous woman half my age.

To my utter mortification, she looks up and catches me staring at her. Just as I contemplate running away from the window, my phone beeps.

Stella: You can watch if you want, Mr. M. I don’t mind 😉

Huh? Then I return to looking through the window and gasp when she undoes the knots on her bikini top.

At the sight of her naked fat tits, I pinch myself and am shocked to feel a little pain. This is not a dream.

When she blows me a kiss, my cock is on the verge of exploding in my pants.

Another text: Your turn.

I lift my eyebrows. Does she want me to take off my shirt? I’m no Adonis, but I do regularly work out, so I have a nice body, if I do say so myself.

When I pull my t-shirt over my head, she licks her lips.

Stella: Nice six-pack.

I smirk. I text, You have nice…eyes.

I watch her laugh.

Stella: I want to see your dick, Mr. M. I bet you’re so hard for me.

Oh, I’m so fucking hard.

I look right into her eyes as I let out my cock, which is already leaking hot white cum. Feeling a bit bold, I grip my cock tightly. I mouth, Wish this was your hand around my dick.

When she suddenly takes off her bikini bottoms, revealing her perfect pink pussy, I nearly come onto the window.

She mouths, Wish this was your finger inside me, as she slips a digit into her pussy.

My grip on my cock tightens. Christ, I wish I had my finger inside that perfect pink pussy too.

Open the window, she mouths.

I do what she says, allowing me to hear her moans as she pushes a second finger into her cunt.

“Oh, Mr. M!” she shouts, her perky breasts bouncing while she fucks herself.

Not caring if the neighbors can hear, not even caring if Stella’s dad can hear, I cry out her name as I work my manhood.

Her screams of ecstasy travel up to me when she comes on her fingers. My own groans of pleasure join her screams when I spill my cum onto my carpeted floor. That’s going to be a bitch to clean up later. But do I have any regrets?

Hell no.

Our eyes meet each other.

“Hey, Stella, want to join me for a drink?” I ask after I catch my breath.

When she doesn’t say anything, I start to freak out. Does she regret what we did already? Is she now looking at me and thinking, God, Mr. M is old?

Then a smile breaks out across her face, and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

“I would love to,” she says.








She looks so good in her bikini I heard him whisper!

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