Oh boy… Do We love LA or do We love LA? It truly is an amazing city… you have to live there to understand it. We will say though, it’s not the best place to raise a family but it is one of the best cities in the world if you are 18-28 years old.

Would We know any good places to check out? lool.. The list is endless. Trust us, you can spend a decade in LA and you will still find places that will amaze you! But to start with.. you have to check out Getty Museum, in fact all the Museums in LA. Griffith Observatory, Griffith Park… To hang out, Venice/Santa Monica beach .. Venice is like the best hang out beach in the world.. you will find so many cool/weird people with some amazing street skills. While you are at Venice, don’t forget to walk around Venice Cannals. Santa Monica third street Promenade is cool place to hang out, Sunset Blvd, Melrose Ave., Westwood and Brentwood are pretty cool places to hang out and eat… Westwood will be packed with UCLA students though, but really good resturants. LA downtown … gotta check out Walt Disney Concert Hall.

All these are the major places that everyone should see… but if you are gonna live in LA, you will find some really cool places. You just gotta give it time. The best part is the hikes… specially at night. There are places where you can see the whole city at night.. take a 12 pack or something and sit there whole night… amazing! lol… You can literally find a open bar in LA 7/days a week and they are the best places to meet some cool people. You are not gonna fall in love with the city overnight.. but spend a year, give it some time and you will never ever wanna move out! LA is a pretty friendly place where strangers become best buddy’s overnight!

LA is gorgeous on a deep level

Luxury of Los Angeles

Beautiful view of LA and the Griffith Obsevatory

Source: Luxury of Los Angeles

LA Sunrise

It's called the city of Angels for a reason

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