These roses are real and authentic, cropped at their perfect stage of bloom before undergoing a 60+ step preservation process and being plated in luscious 24 Karat Gold. All roses are guaranteed for workmanship and will last a lifetime without wilting or changing colour.

This custom collection of spectacular gifts are lavishly treated with pure 24K Gold, by a team of highly skilled technicians. These hand crafted pieces stand for luxury, individuality and romance.

Spoil your special someone or even yourself today with a little piece of luxury from these exclusive collections!

Choose from

Full 24K gold Hand crafted rose:$1123.6

Classic gold roses (colors. White, turquoise, violet, red, pink, black): $699.6

24K Gold bear and dome -$911.6

Gold petite rose-$635.98

Gold cigar-$635.98

Includes complimentary worldwide shipping

Contact concierge at or Skype slaynetwork to get it

24 K pure gold rose

Pink classic rose

It's all in the details

Gold petite Rose

Gold cigar

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