If you’re a human being, both man and woman, Lindsey Pelas’ Instagram is something that is extremely difficult to ignore — and it doesn’t take more than one look to understand why.
After all, the 26-year-old blonde bombshell from Louisiana has continued to rise up the modeling charts in the past several years, with her career reaching new heights as she does more acting and a little bit of reality TV. With a podcast and another swimsuit calendar for 2018, Lindsey sure is keeping herself busy.
As one of the most sought after women around, we tracked down Lindsey Pelas to pick her brain on a few different topics, as the woman with 6.7 million Instagram followers revealed some interesting stuff to us — like, you know, what a man can do to win her heart.
FHM: First, thing’s first: How’s it feel being one of the most popular Instagram models on the planet?
Lindsey Pelas: “It feels pretty interesting! I hate the title “Instagram model” though. Since Instagram doesn’t pay me, I’m more of a model with an Instagram.”
FHM: Have any insane stories of guys sliding into your DMs?
Lindsey Pelas: “You name it I’ve seen it! Celebrities, psychos all of it. I even had someone tweet me once in the middle of getting arrested. There were photos, it was bizarre.”
FHM: Seriously, how often does it happen to you? Any guys actually get a reply from you?
Lindsey Pelas: “I get hundreds of DM’s a day. I hardly ever look at them. On occasion, I’ll do a scroll and sometimes I reply. Especially if I’m single.”
FHM: Clearly Instagram DMs isn’t the way to your heart, so how should a guy grab your attention?
Lindsey Pelas: “Unfortunately I think the best way is to meet me in person! Haha. I tend to fall for guys I meet in real life so it’s really random.”

FHM: When you’re into a guy, are you subtle or do you let it be known that he’s the one you want?
Lindsey Pelas: “I’m kind of strange. I don’t do much seeking. I really prefer and respond to persistence. I won’t know someone’s worth or grow to like them quickly, so for me it’s generally a slower process. I have no idea who I’ll end up falling for, it’s always a surprise!”
FHM: Let’s talk pillow talk. Guys are dying to hear what it’s like to be in bed with Lindsey Pelas.
Lindsey Pelas: “Well, there’s a lot of Netflix and a lot of napping! Ha. No, but sexually I can’t really comment. I think sex changes with relationships and moods and it’s always different. I’m all about the moment, not routine.”
FHM: And, naturally, the morning always includes homemade breakfast in bed for you, right?
Lindsey Pelas: “I’m a relationship girl so usually we’re waking up with shit to do! Haha. I’m down for a quick bite of something delivered but the breakfast-in-bed song and dance isn’t my style. Who’s gonna do those dishes?”
FHM: What’s the hottest thing a guy can say and/or do for his woman?
Lindsey Pelas: “I think respect is hot. It takes a strong, confident man to appreciate a strong, confident woman. A man who isn’t intimidated or competitive, but is confident enough to empower a partner… I find that really sexy.”

FHM: Describe your typical day. Are you shooting nonstop, or do you actually have some time to enjoy yourself and breathe without the camera around?
Lindsey Pelas: “My days are all over the place. It’s really weird. Some days I’m busy shooting content I create, some days it’s castings and meetings. Some day’s I’m working on a movie, commercial or campaign. Other days I’m traveling to host an appearance. You really never know. It’s nonstop.”
FHM: What is it about modeling that makes you feel so sexy and confident?
Lindsey Pelas: “I look at modeling more like a fun job! It’s obviously fun to play dress up and get glammed.”
FHM: Any crazy hobbies or talents that you think people should know about you?
Lindsey Pelas: “In college I learned aerial silks which is a pretty random thing. I even taught aerial yoga for a while. I also have a history degree, some are surprised by that.”
FHM: We have to ask: What’s your most embarrassing moment—you know, just so guys know you’re actually human.
Lindsey Pelas: “I have a story that comes to mind but I have to save it! Forgive me.”


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