Firstly, this limited edition Collection from slay my shades refers to their eyewear as “masks”, because like masks, eyewear have the power to change perception of self and perception of others towards the wearer. Slay my shade’s fierce designs live up to this terminology. Very different than anything you have seen, the designs are dreamed in the UK and handmade in Italy.
USP: Besides conceptual designs, slay my shades also represents innovation in technique and materials. Their burned acetate range is a patent-pending series in which the acetate is burned to give a very garage-grunge distressed look. Recently they unveiled the Slay my shades Gold series, in which during the burning process, 24 karat gold accessories, designed by Venetian artists is inserted in the frames one-by-one. In their pure Horn series, they make each piece of eyewear from one piece of African Buffalo Horn. Usually horn glasses are made from many layers of horn laminated together. The Slay my shades natural horn masks are cut from the tip of the horn, the most precious part and the only part that is thick enough for this method. (Of course this horn is ethically sourced from free range farms where no buffaloes are killed for the raw material).

Price: $2695
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.


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