The number of breaths you take represent how many moments you have had, it is an irrelevant and useless statistic. It is more about how many moments had a significant emotional impact on you. 
In addition, the number of breaths you take also represents how long your life was. However, it is not about how long you live but how you lived. The number of breaths you take or the time you lived is arbitrary, but the number of moments you can recall is limited and that is what is important. 
Memories that “take your breath away” will remain for a lifetime but the other “breaths” can soon be forgotten.
I think the number of moments that took your breath away is far more important because it is better to live happy for a short while than live sad for a life time. Happy moments don’t come easily nor do they come in large amounts, they come one by one so if you were lucky enough to have a large concentration of them in a short life, you are considered lucky already. It is not all about longevity, it could just be prolonging a depressing life. 

By j20deepthoughts

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