OMG. How awesome are these looks by the Slay Network. We love this so much we can’t stop staring at it.

The Bambinis are wearing a gold glitter and pink tulle dress with an adorable bow at the back and matching head sets all by Slay my bambini.

Slay Angel is wearing Slay my look and sunnies are rose gold skull by Slay my shades.

Click here for look 11 by slay my bambinis

Click here for rose gold skull by slay my shades.

Click here for sunnies by slay my bambini

Click here to see more Matchy looks by Slay my look

look 16 by Slay my bambinis

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. Available now at Slay my bambini. See description

When your mama won't let you have ice cream

So adorable

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