There’s something very special about becoming a parent. It is the start of an intensely emotional journey filled with breathtaking moments. First smile. First tooth. First step. Bring an item of furniture into your home and it becomes a part of these moments. Leander devote attention to even the smallest details – to make sure that Leander furniture makes a positive difference for you and your child.

To Leander design is a passion. A Leander design always has two purposes. It has to be strong in shape and function. And the craftsmanship needs to be good. This means everything to us. And has since 1998 where Stig Leander founded the company in Silkeborg. 

Behind each item of furniture lies a well thought-through vision and great craftsmanship. When you invest in Leander furniture you are not just investing in furniture to one child. But in an item of furniture that can be passed down from generation to generation. Or that can be sold when it outgrows the child.
When Stig Leander designs he always takes his starting point with the child or the adult who will be using the furniture. In the need that should be fulfilled. Shape and function must come together, and that is the philosophy behind Leander. The furniture should be shaped to fit the child. Never in reverse order. Leander
is not just a furniture company. It is a philosophy. A feeling. An approach. To materials, shape and function.

Do you live with Leander furniture? How have you made it part of your moments? We hope that you will share your great moments with us.

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So simple so beautiful

Leander baby/ Junior cot

Matty Poncho

The Matty Poncho is perfect for the summer holiday and for a trip to the Beach or the pool. The poncho is pulled over the child's head and stays on - it doesn't drop into the water or sand because it can be closed with a small button on the nech aswell as on each side. Whats not to like? Do you have one yet?

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The Leander cradle is ready for a lucky little boy

Crib perfection

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