Four days ago, Nicki Minaj boarded a private plane from London to Prague — aka “You bitches can’t even spell Prague” — and memorialized the flight with a video on the tarmac that would inspire a zillion #NickiMinajChallenge copycats.

“This is how bad bitches arrive to London and then go to Prague,” Minaj says and, because it bears repeating, “You bitches can’t even spell Prague.” Somewhere Bow Wow is crying tears of joy into his business class pillow that the internet has finally replaced #BowWowChallenge with a new aviation moment.

Zoë Kravitz nailed the challenge three days ago with her own rendition, please see below.

This is how a bad bitch leaves her hotel to go to Good Morning America. Y’all bitches can’t even spell Good Morning America.” Oh snap!
And just when you thought the challenge had run its course, Kylie Jenner gave it a whirl, with a mouthful of pomegranate seeds, as one does.

“You bitches can’t even spell Pra—”

By Elle

Lol Kylie!

We must admit she has Major Swag

So stunning

Someone's got the munchies

Zoe Kravitz nails the challenge

The original Nicky Minaj

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