Earlier today, Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to tease major ~drama~ on tonight’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And yeah, the episode delivered on Kim’s promise.

It focused on Kim’s trip to Dubai for a Masterclass—the first big trip she took after her Paris robbery. As People reports, Kim decided to bring Scott Disick along on the trip.
While the Masterclass went smoothly, the rest of the trip…didn’t. Scott heard a rumor about Kourtney and another man that completely derailed him. He started drinking and, later, when Kim was gathering the group for a trip to the desert, chaos broke loose.
Kim found out Scott was hiding a woman in his room and she searched the suite for her—and broke into a bathroom to confront her face-to-face.
“Something is up,” Kim said. “Scott is like pacing and something came over me that I was like, ‘He has a f—cking girl hiding somewhere and we’re gonna find her.”

And when she did find the woman? Well, Kim let her know what she thought of the situation.

“Seriously? You’re just like a whore, a tramp! Get your s—t and get out of here,” Kim yelled at the girl who’s face was blurred out. “You groupie! Get your s—t and security will escort you the f—ck out of here!”

Yikes. And, of course, we’ll all have to tune in next week to find out what happens next.

By Marie Claire

Woah! Great Kim has got some CIA skills!

Oh oh Scott is drinking again

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