Kim Kardashian West has always had a thing for extreme hair, and nowhere has she let it shine quite like fashion month. Think back to her double-bleached platinum hair reveal in Paris or the icy blonde redux at last year’s Yeezy show.
At this season’s New York collections, however, the indisputable master of the front row makeover has left headline-grabbing transformations largely to her sisters thus far. Kendall Jenner stole the La Perla show with a freshly razored bob, while Kylie Jenner sent flash bulbs popping with did-she-or-didn’t-she quick-change wigs, from a faux banged shag at Alexander Wang to candy-color lengthson the street.

Until today, that is. In honor of husband Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 5 show, Kardashian West stepped out en route to the front row with her Rapunzel-length extensions ironed to a glossy high-shine finish and seemingly stretched another few inches—then she did what she does best: working a signature look like it’s the very first time all over again.

By Vogue

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Mad long hair extensions

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