So there were recent rumours about Khloe getting engaged to Baby Dada Tristan, which caused a backlash from Khloe on the Internet.

Rather Instead of planning a wedding, the parents are devoting their time to doting on True. 
Most recently, Koko revealed she had started swimming classes for their little one. “Oh my gosh, True loves her swimming lessons!!! She’s only about 5 months old and she loves to kick in the water, which is so cute. At this age, they really don’t have a fear of anything,” the reality star gushed on her KhloeWithAK official app. 

She added, “We recently did a Mommy, Daddy and Me class and it was really fun and special. We learned some tips about what to do with Baby True when we swim with her. She’s also getting used to dunking under the water, which she enjoys. After each dunk, she sticks her tongue out and just smiles from ear to ear! She lovesss the water!”

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She already loves Bentleys

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Cousin time

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Tristan all the way

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Mommy and me

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