THE secret spot looks like a portal into another dimension and it’s closer to home than you think.

Until two years ago it’s been Portugal’s best kept secret. 

The Covão dos Conchos is a giant mystical water hole belonging to a hydro-electric dam. 
Though the water appears to fall into the centre of the earth, the gaping tunnel actually leads to Lagoa Comprida. 

Hidden away on the tiny island of Flores far off the west coast of Spain, the unbelievable system was built in 1955. 

It’s remained a mystery to the rest of the world until a pioneering Portuguese group recently made the difficult trek to capture its grandeur on drone footage. 
The bird’s eye view shows off the water hole’s position in the middle of an otherwise serene lake. 
An opening spanning 15 foot has a staggering drop of almost 5,000 foot to the bottom. 

It may not be a miracle of nature but nature has claimed a stake on this engineered structure.

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So blindingly beautiful

Source: @dsoliveira89

A picture of the Covão dos Conchos on a Portuguese island

Source: @ vanessatavira

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