Joe Biden inadvertently became a meme star in recent months, all of which paid homage to the beautiful bromance he shared with Barack Obama.
The entertaining images soothed us in the months following the U.S. election months, cheering us when the mood felt somber. Now, the former U.S. Vice President has revealed which of the hundreds of memes is his personal favorite.
Talking to Moneyish, Biden’s daughter Ashley said that he “sat there for an hour and laughed” when she showed him the memes, but there was one that stood out in his mind – an image of him hugging Obama with the following caption.

My parents had a nice relationship with the Obamas and still do,” said Ashley Biden, who has recently launched her own label of socially conscious hoodies. Apparently her father has already swapped his suits for his daughter’s laid-back designs.
“Dad’s old school, but the other day for Sunday dinner, he wore a blue zip down,” she said.

That meme is funny

Spot on

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