Gordon met his first wife, former Miss Winston Brooke Sealy, at a qualifying race back in 1993 and they were married the next year. 
The marriage was irreparably married in 2002 when allegations of infidelity surfaced. 
Gordon, as well as NASCAR fans, moved past the tabloid gossip and he finally met his current wife and model, Ingrid Vandebosch. 
The 42-year-old—who won the Elite Look of the Year Award in 1990—married the star driver in a private ceremony back in November of 2006. 
Fortunately, she keeps her family, including the couple’s two children, close at hand. 
In a USA Today article from May of 2012, Gordon discussed his ability to have his family with him during the races:

Gordon will enter the season looking for his fourth win at Daytona, but will be ecstatic no matter what happens with his family nearby.

Interview with Mischaaoki by Collezioni

Winnie, Would you tell us a brief history of Mischka Aoki and how did your inspiration for luxurious clothes for girls come?

I have always love fashion and luxury all my life, and it has become part of my everyday life/ life style. I never thought i would do what I do today, until when my daughter Mischka was born. At that time I feel that there isn’t anything in the market that would be stylish enough but luxurious at the same time for little girl, so I see that there is a great potential in this particular market, and that’s when Mischka Aoki was established.

u are one of the few designers who design Haute couture for children,  can you tell us what  do you like more in your collections?
I think it is important to be true to what you love; that’s the only way you will create something unique. I have always loved and appreciated the intricate details and craftsmanship in couture fashion. The freedom to create something individually unique. exploring different techniques, processes and fabrics and the ability to concentrate on creating something beautiful is of most importance to me. Those who buy Mischka Aoki know they are buying a beautifully created, meticulously crafted, exceptional quality and one of a kind pieces

What make famous the brand Mischka Aoki? What makes it so interesting than others, what is its strength?
I believe that we offer something very unique and original, which no brand have successfully achieved. We are offering people ready to wear Haute Couture dresses. which have been made adopting Haute Couture techniques, but available in regular standard sizing, eliminating months of waiting times. There is a niche of people who appreciate the fine detailing and time that goes into designing and creating these dresses and we want to make it more accessible for the childrenswear market.

Are clothes Tailored Made?

Mischka Aoki dresses are not tailor made, they are made in standard sizing, but in a way each dress are unique, as every dress are handcrafted, so no two dresses are alike. We do however, from time to time received request from our regular clientele that would require the dress to be made
to measured or requested an additional elements to be added onto the dress.

Do you think that the tailoring and the craftsmanship is more a quirk of our times or a real need to differentiate themselves rediscovered the beauty of a unique item and customized?

I believe that there are a lot more customers today who understand and appreciate finer things, and these customers are always in seeks of products that would reflect their persona, so I don’t see it as a quirk or a way to differentiate themselves, I see it more of a way for them to reflect what they like and their style. Craftsmanship, luxurious and beauty is the fundamental of Mischka Aoki.

The Design is Australian and what about the materials …?

We source our materials from all around the world, which most of them are from European countries. We researched and travelled all across the different part of the world to seek only the best material, while for some of the limited pieces we fabricated the materials in-house, this makes them very exclusive.

Where Is it distributed?

US, UK, Europe, Middle East, Russia, Asia

Are Moms to choose Mischka Aoki clothes  for their daughters or daughters have a definite interest in such important clothes ?

I think it varies, for most of the younger children, it is the mother that choose the dress, while for the young adult, we have noticed that they too have influent in the style that they choose.

Mischka Aoki gives to its clients a dream to wear a fabulous dress or the thrill of being adults

Mischka Aoki provides our clients the ability to reflect their individuality, while wearing a fabulous dress at the same time. They are definitely not a thrill of being adults. I see it more of providing more options to the children than the norm. Children had always love dresses that are breathtaking, dresses that makes them to be the most precious. And just so happen Mischka Aoki’s character is always about creating a dress that is unique, luxurious and elegant, so it comes naturally for us to design dresses that children easily fall in love with. We always use elements such as Swarovski crystals, sparkling tulle or Fancy Tweed coupled with intricate details, which children usually love. We want to make them feel really special.

What’s the type of customer?
Mischka Aoki is not for everyone. Mischka Aoki is a premium luxury label for children. Consumers of our brand are fashion and design conscious people, with high disposable income and they are part of the in-crowd. When people buy Mischka Aoki they are buying exclusivity, luxury and unparalleled characteristic.

The range price of a Mischka Aoki dress?

Our average price starts from US$1,500 while for our limited edition pieces it starts from US$ 8,000 up to US$ 20,000. And for the customized one of a kind pieces the price will be more, which will be priced depend on the level of customasation required.

Is there a dress of reference that best represents your brand? Can you describe it?

HAIL TO THE QUEEN or THE KING’S DAUGHTER dress from the new Mischka Aoki SS16 Collection. I think these dresses shows the ultimate luxury, unique style, and the craftsmanship of Mischka Aoki.

Memorable Projects for Winnie and Mischka Aoki?

We always have new and exciting projects inline, but the most favorite project that we launched is something took Mischka Aoki to yet another level of Luxury, as we released our most exclusive dress to date, which is the release of Mischka Aoki Exclusive 24K Gold Dress, the dress is available at Harrods London. The dress is adorned with real 24 Karat Gold Material and further embellished with thousands of Swarovski Crystals, which is something that has never been done before in children’s fashion. The release coincided with the opening of our very own Mischka Aoki store corner at the new Harrods Mini Superbrand area.

Can you tell us something about the AI 16 17 collection presented during Pitti Bimbo?

The collection was Inspired by “The Midsummer Night’s dream”. The Mischka Aoki collection for Fall/Winter 2016 was steeped in a world of enchantment and dreams.

This collection drew on charmed elements one may find from flowing butterflies, colorful birds, and beautiful flowers, all imagined within a more whimsical interpretation. Drawing on the entranced world of a garden dreamscape, the collection was bewitching to the eye, down to every last detail.

Each and every Mischka Aoki dress is a unique form immersed in intricate detail, exquisite fabrics and a carefully thought composition of colors. The collection is based on a palette of soft neutrals from peachy coral to luxurious ice blue to forest greens, with accents of mystical gold and silver.

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Jeff Gordon is a real family man

Picture Perfect

Ella Sofia Gordon in Mischaaoki that's me gold dress

Mischaaoki 24 carat gold dress

This lavish one of a kind dress is Available exclusively at Harrods for £59,000. Custom orders only

Breathtakingly beautiful

Gorgeous designs

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