During the premiere of part one of “The Bobby Brown Story” on BET Tuesday night, what some viewed as a New Edition to the singer’s love life caught the attention of Twitter. The biopic, based on Brown’s 2016 memoir, “Every Little Step,” alleged a romance with none other than Janet Jackson to the surprise of those on the social media site. 

In one scene, Brown (Woody McClain) shows up to Jackson’s (Cree Davis) house with a car wrapped in a bow. To his dismay, she tells him to keep things discreet, but the two later share a passionate night together in a hotel room.
“Hold up Janet Jackson and Bobby Brown,” one person marveled. “never heard that one.. stop playing w me.”

What seemed to be a magazine cover of the two alleged lovers back in the day popped up on Twitter during the biopic.

Showing how quickly she was “googling Bobby Brown and Janet Jackson,” a user included the quickly typing cat GIF. 

That person’s Google search likely would’ve shown that this is not the first mention of Jackson by Brown. In his book, Brown writes of throwing the “All for You” artist out of his hotel room after being intimate, a scene he tweeted lay “on the cutting room floor.” Brown told Us Weeklyin a 2016 interview that Jackson “loved me but wasn’t in love with me” and that she told him “My father won’t allow me to be with a black man,” which the movie alluded to. 

Brown shared what the alleged split meant to him while appearing on Steve Harvey’s talk show. 
“It was a big heartache for me, I can tell you that,” said Brown. “I had a real crush on her. I was absolutely head over heels for her.”
USA TODAY has reached out to Jackson’s reps for comment. 
Part two “The Bobby Brown Story” is set to premiere Wednesday night.

By USA today

Not to worry Bobby we would claim her too

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How is this Slaylebrity over 50?

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Photoshop or real?

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