If you thought Jamie Foxx was not talented think again!

This crazy funny freestyle performance from 2012 will surely change your mind.

Can I be your tennis ball
You can smack me up against the wall (babe)
Do it slow or do it fast
Can I fit inside your ….bag
Some men wanna be J-Lo’s thong
Beyonce see and Jay-Z ain’t that wrong
I’m tired of that Ashanti song
Baby can you put me on let me be your tennis ball
We can go
30-40 love
Advantage you
Till we get to
Deuuuuuuuuce (babe)
In your black puma suuuit
I just wanna (I just wanna)
Can I be your tennis ball?

By. Tennis Warehouse

Yep he's cheeky

Source: @banderas_egresados74

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