When the BBC Sound of 2016 long list first came out last November – decided by 140 music writers, industry fatcats, radio presenters, Twitter personalities, weed dealers, East London pub owners, tube drivers and your dad – we decided to rank it ourselves so the BBC didn’t have to. Out of the fifteen artists, we ranked Jack Garratt last, writing that he was a “bearded guy who probably wore a checked neckerchief ten years ago, but now looks like a gin enthusiast you accidently swiped right on on Tinder.” But say what you like about Jack Garratt, he’s a really nice guy, and very talented.

Jack was born in the Tory hotbed of Buckinghamshire, in a small village called Little Chalfont, which sounds like the name of one of those awful parody gentleman rappers you heckle at the comedy tent at Bestival. It was also the home of Robert Kilroy Silk. Not that any of that should be held against Jack Garratt though. He’s a really lovely guy, and very talented.

According to the BBC, Garratt’s first CD single was “Teletubbies Say Eh Oh” by British act The Teletubbies. A popular choice – the song went on to sell 1.3 million copies in the UK – and you can still hear its influence in the music Garratt makes today.

Say what you like about Jack Garratt, but it’s refreshing that he hasn’t just come through that soulless and ruthless talent show production line that breeds all chart dominating UK popstars. He tried to, at the British finals of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2005, but he came eighth out of eight, with a song called “The Girl”. Puts the nail in Eurovision if you ask me, if they can’t even recognise the talent of someone as nice as Jack.

Think what you want about Jack Garratt, but anyone who sees him play live will tell you he is very talented. Just like Andrew McCrorie Shand, the composer of songs for Rosie & Jim and The Teletubbies, who labelled Jack as a rising star during an interview in 2011. According to the BBC, the pair went on to work together, but we’re unsure whether any of it will appear on Jack’s debut album, or whether we have already been blessed with it.

You can see why people muttered about Garratt being the next Ed Sheeran.” The Guardian
“Jack Garratt: talented AND a nice guy.” BBC
“Wow, this guy is talented.” Sia
“He is an incredibly sweet and humble artist and all around nice guy.” Trendio
“A name to watch out for.” Andrew McCrorie Shand, composer of “Teletubbies Say Eh Oh”
“Something about him screams MENINIST but that’s probably just us.” Noisey

By Noisey.

Watch Garratt totally Slay Crazy in love by Beyonce

We love Jack Garratt

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