For the past seven years, @jesserieser has been photographing #Christmas in America, an unvarnished examination of the ways people mark the holiday’s meaning. In this project, he seeks to discover and reveal what holiday magic, or mania, compels so many to devote thousands of hours to hanging lights, carving and painting figurines, building miniature villages and converting their homes, yards, garages and cars into monuments of merriness. In this photograph from 2016, an illuminated pickup truck is on display for the patrons of Santa’s Ranch in New Braunfels, outside of San Antonio, Texas. The attraction is made with 1.5 million custom lights. “The lights make the truck feel sci-fi or nebular while the truck is displayed as an artifact to the Texan rancher,” Rieser tells TIME. “A marriage of old and new with a Texas Christmas.”

By Time

Merry Monster Truck

Source: @jessrieser

Who doesn't love a red Christmas ?

Source: @jessrieser

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