According to its official website, Omegapro is a broker that allows its clients to trade with currency pairs, commodities, stocks and indices. In total, there are more than 200 underlying assets that you can trade with.
Omegapro is also an investment program that offers different packages with returns up to 300% after 16 months. You are allowed to withdraw your daily earnings and paid packages start at 150 dollars. There is a one time 29 USD registration fee for new clients.
On top of that, Omegapro has referral system that allows you to increase your earnings by referring new clients to its system.

Is Omegapro legit?
Unfortunately, Omegapro is not legit. It is an unauthorized broker and investment service. Omegapro is offering financial and investment services, while both require licenses from financial regulators. That is the law in most countries in the world.
But Omegapro has no license whatsoever. It is based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and it is not authorized as an investment service anywhere in the world. Among other things, it means that clients’ deposits are not insured. So, when one day money from Omegapro accounts disappear, there will be no refunds.
The Spanish financial regulator CNMV has confirmed that Omegapro is an unauthorized investment service. Which in itself is a strong recommendation to stay away from it. Every other financial regulator in the world would come to the same conclusion as the CNMV.
Update: In 2021, the Belgian financial regulator FSMA has warned the public that OmegaPro exhibits signs of a Ponzi scheme and also the French financial regulator AMF has blacklisted OmegaPro.

Omegapro scam
In reality Omegapro is a scam. It is not a legitimate company nor program, it is an illegal financial scheme that is just playing with money it gets from people that join the system and deposit.
Investing with Omegapro is a huge risk, because the system can go down any time and you can be left empty-handed with nobody able to help you to at least get your deposit back.
Not a real broker
The first thing we noticed is that Omegapro is not even a real broker. We found no trading platform, the dashboard just does not give access to it. There obviously is no real financial trading going on.
Omegapro was established in 2019, yet they still say that the exchange is coming soon. Even the Coming Soon function is coming soon, as you can see in our picture. Joking aside, every function that would give Omegapro at least some credibility, is not available.
All you can see with Omegapro is a pyramidal structure of referrals. You are supposed to build a network of depositors in order to earn money.

No real trading, fake plans
OmegaPro is supposed to make money thanks to trading algorithms based on artificial intelligence. But the company is not even trading on real financial markets, let alone with some sophisticated trading algorithms based on AI.
The investment plans are based purely on an illegal financial scheme that is run by Omegapro. Which means that your money won’t be used for trading real financial markets, it will be just turned around by scammers who run the system.

Omegapro claims to be based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Which already is a location that is not exactly known for a strict financial regulation.
But it seems that Omegapro is not even located there. We made a research in the commercial register and then also in the financial register, and we found no trace of Omegapro.
The company registration number 25857BC2020 is present only on the Omegapro official website, nowhere else on the internet. Therefore, we have a reason to believe that it is fictitious and that is a completely anonymous service run by hidden scammers.
Since they don’t provide any phone number, it is impossible to verify anything they say.

How Omegapro works
Omegapro runs a Ponzi scheme, which is a financial scam. Ponzi schemes pretend to be conducting some real business, like financial trading, but in reality they just play with money they get on deposits.

Returns offered by Omegapro are not astronomically high, so the scam can last for a relatively long time. But it still is a fraudulent program that is certain to blow up, there is no other possibility for its ending.
When Omegapro collapses, it will stop paying out profits and people will realize that their deposits are gone too, there will be no money left in the system.

Protect yourself, get your money back
If you have already invested in Omegapro and found our review only now, we recommend withdrawing money as soon as possible and staying away from this fraudulent investment scheme.
With illegal financial games like Omegapro you can manage to pull out some money out of them, but this money would be somebody else’s loss. In these schemes some people have to get scammed in order for the others to earn profits. So, don’t do it, don’t invest with Omegapro.
If Omegapro already stopped paying, you can try to get your money back. If you made your deposit with a credit or debit card, ask your bank for a refund. But it seems that Omegapro has been pushing for crypto deposits, and unfortunately, cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible.

Omegapro review – the conclusion
Omegapro is not a real broker, it is not an investment service. Omegapro is a scam that at least three different financial regulators have warned against. Be sure to stay away from it!
Investing and trading should always be done with regulated companies only.

Money is not free, nobody will be earning you big profits for free, let alone anonymous and dubious programs like Omegapro.

DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that nothing in this video shall be construed to be financial, legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor. All personal opinion is intended for general information purposes only.









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