For those who believe life to be a piece of shit, which is going to be washed away anytime soon , yes indeed there is no point of living.

For those who live a worthless and mundane life yes for them life will always be seen as nothing more than stones pelted at them.

You might as well put a gun in your mouth right now and blow your brains out!

Think of what value your life is for you, before you judge upon its worth.

What if in this race of life, the main objective is not be the first one crossing the finishing line and that the last person to finish is rewarded the most (i.e. The Loser takes it all..:D)

We are the special ones selected among all the others for this – ‘Life Distribution Ceremony’. We are the fortunate ones to have received this special gift of life.

For an example, think of the Best gift you have received until date. You valued it the most, the moment you received it, didn’t you? It stuck in your mind,your lifestyle day in and day out for a brief period of time. And what after that..??
As the days passed by, as life moved on, the thought of the gift, drifted away slowly.. and slowly.. until it was just like any other chunk you had. This point is called THE DEAD END!!
After this, the gift that u had doesn’t make any difference if u still have it with you or not.

Now just think of this LIFE that you have received as the most precious gift ever.
“Excited about it in the initial stages..huh?? ”
and then what happens. . .
You slowly start drifting away from it, and its worth seems to be of no importance to you now.

So where did you land up now?

“..CONGRATULATIONS mate!!, you have reached THE DEAD END of your life.”

This is where your life will seemingly be of no importance to you now. This is when you will start to feel that there is no point in living, because the consequences for everyone is the same after life- DEATH.

So, the point we wish to make here is this: treat this invaluable gift of life as something of high worth. Don’t treat it as a mere chewing gum, where you savor the sweetness in the early stages and then throw off the chunk afterwards.
The more you ENJOY this unpredictable nature of life, the more you will extend the expiry date of the same by extending the road which takes you to the point in your life named- THE DEAD END!

AT the end of the day:

” Life is just a dream, you die just to wake up and start Another..”

Live your Life out Loud..!!

Most people seem to think of life as a plane ride full of discomfort because of the cramped economy class seats, the cold tasteless food, and the annoying kid who constantly kicks the back of your chair. However, if you look out the window, you’ll see a beautiful sight. If you ensure enough transit time to take a little tour, you can do a little sightseeing, so you might probably find the Bangalore-Beijing-Moscow-London-whatever transit more fun. You can probably meet some interesting people along the way, and soon you might end up wishing that you never got to Tokyo.

That’s the thing with life. It’s not a race to get to a destination. It’s a competition to enjoy the plane ride.


sources Sagnik Ghosh, Bonny Dave

You seem to think of life as a plane ride full of discomfort however if you just look out of the window you’ll see a beautiful sight


If we’re just going to die what’s the point of living?


Life is totally pointless for those who don’t value it


Life is crap for those that believe that life is crap


Life is worthless for those who live a mundane life


For pessimists life will always be seen as a half empty glass


For these folks they are already half dead


DONT BE A walking corpse, it doesn't suit you!


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