It’s interesting how Facebook continues to ban users for sharing copyright content meanwhile its entire progress is based on being a copycat. Which quite frankly we have no problem with if only they can stop being hypocrites.

First it was Snapchat, then it was you tube and now It’s Telegram for its purchased app Whatsapp. We all know they would have lifted every feature of whatsapp too had whatsapp not sold out to them.

WhatsApp is constantly working to add new and interesting features on to its platform. But the most interesting feature that has created ripples among WhatsApp users is the disappearing messages feature

For those of you who aren’t sure what this feature would do, here is a brief. WhatsApp’s disappearing messages feature would allow users to set a time limit after which the message that they have chosen would expire leaving no trace of its existence. This feature, from what we know so far, is similar to social messaging app Telegram’s Secret Chat feature wherein all the sent messages come with a self-destruct timer. Once the recipient has read the message the timer will begin and the message will get deleted from the sender and the receiver’s inbox when the timer goes off or when the time limit that is set by the sender expires.

— As of now, this feature is available only in group chats. Only group admins will be able to use the toggle button to control this feature. However, this might change before the feature is rolled out to all users.
— The initial report indicated that the feature only supported group chat. But now, the disappearing messages functionality has been added to private chats as well.
— Users will get two options – 5 seconds and 1 hour – which they can they can time limit when the message would disappear automatically.
— Disappearing messages feature will work in WhatsApp Web as well. There is no word on whether or not this feature will be available on iOS.
— WhatsApp messages sent with the disappearing messages feature turned on would completely disappear from the chat windows of all the members in the case of group chats and individuals in the case of private chats.

Meanwhile don’t you just hate how people add you to like a gazillion whats app groups, encroaching on precious time you could be investing in your baby(business)! We are not convinced the World needs any more so called exciting app features.


By India Today

The most interesting feature that has created ripples among the WhatsApp users is the disappearing messages feature


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