I am the cutest bunny ever!

I am on top of both Lena and Bunny, like on a human sandwich, with Bunny at the bottom, Lena being the ham and me the top. I am pondering how to solve the equation: 2 pussies + one dick, and decide to use my knowhow of trigonometry to focus on one. And I see the surprise in their faces when they realize what is happening. And I let them wonder…

It was all Lena’s idea. She was telling us of one day when she’d had an MFM threesome and had been double penetrated by the guy on the bottom taking care of her ass and the one on top doing her pussy.

Luckily Bunny had brought her black box — yep, that box filled with handcuffs, lingerie, lube, condoms, butt plugs, dick rings, and strap-on dildos. If Lena wanted double penetration we would be able to cater to her wishes.

Lo and behold, the girls got into the action. Bunny got up and started fumbling with the strap-on, as Lena got the smallish dildo ready with the necessary condom and lube. Bunny laid on the bed with the strap-on ready to go, and Lena got on top of her and proceeded to carefully insert the dildo up her ass.

And suddenly, all eyes were on me. Bunny on the bottom, Lena on top, they were ready and waved for me to get into bed. It was a strange sensation, having two pussies at my disposal, and two expectant ladies waiting for me to start the dance.

I lubed my dick and got on my knees folding two pairs of legs to make space. If I were to go inside of Lena I would have to get in this awkward position halfway up to reach her pussy. On the other hand, if I were to go inside of Bunny I would have to lift both of their legs to be able to reach in.

I tried first to dock with Lena, but soon realized that the angle would be hard to hold, and thus, to the surprise of both of them, I placed the bulbous head of my dick at Bunny’s entrance and started to shove it in.

The surprise in their eyes was timeless. As I moved in I also moved on top, thus sandwiching Lena in the middle. My motion as I started fucking Bunny was also moving the dildo up Lena’s ass. Bunny held on to my arm on the right side and I moved in to kiss Lena’s nips. They were erect like soldiers ready for battle.

Their combined moaning was music to my ears. I could see Bunny’s eyes rolling as she was taking me fully in, and Lena squinting hers as the feelings up her derriere were overwhelming her. I tried to kiss Bunny, but only the tips of our tongues could connect. I then went for Lena and she opened her mouth gladly to receive my kissing.

And for a while I worked on the pumping while the girls enjoyed the stroking. It was definitely not what they had expected, yet again, one of these impromptu experiences that you only get in a threesome.

Bunny started moaning louder and I got on my knees and started to fuck her faster. I could see Lena’s expression, trying to weigh up the situation. From all the shaking the dildo was coming out of her ass, yet she could not move out since our legs were fully intertwined.

But she did not have to keep wondering for long, because the “Oh fuck!” exclamations from Bunny signaled that she was getting ready to come again. And suddenly, like a train pulling into the station, her orgasm paid a visit to her.

I sat there holding my dick inside of her as her pussy was contracting on me. The girls’ laughter was a nice wrap up of the situation. Bunny mentioned that having Lena push her belly had made her come harder than usual.

As I pulled out Bunny offered:

“You should do doggy with Lena. It’s my favorite position and I think she also likes it…”

And with that, Bunny jumped off the bed and headed to the shower while Lena got matter-of-factly onto all fours on the corner of the bed. Who was I to go against their wishes?

And the dance started again…


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








I am the cutest bunny ever!

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