Guide Price: $1,483,940

* 4 Beds
* 2 Baths
* 3,768 sqft
* $393/sqft

Idyllic life – what is it like? It is a life in which we hear our thoughts clearly in our daily lives. A life, the mornings of which begin with a glimpse of the horizon of a waking forest, and the evenings end with meditation on your own water platform, watching the water ripple softly. Living such a life you will overcome any challenges more easily because you will be able to recharge your inner resources.

There is more happiness in this kind of daily life, as one learns to enjoy the little things.
This idyll awaits you on an impressive 1.2320 ha property in Molėtai municipality, Inturkė eldership, Rudesėlė village. The first thing you will see when you drive up to the territory on a convenient asphalted road is a 231 sqm residential private house. There are also two 60 sqm houses with bedrooms and baths for private retreats, which will accommodate your guests or holidaymakers looking for peace and quiet in all seasons. The total area of these buildings is 350 sqm. If you take a glance at the lake, you will see your own little water platform and another building where you can set up a sauna.

This brand-new, modern property has all the beauty of nature: the light wood finishes seem to be an extension of the forest around you, while the blue interior accents are reminiscent of the lake that surrounds your property. The house is already furnished and has not only furniture, but also carefully selected home appliances. There is a carport for your car and a separate building with a storage room for your belongings. There are four bedrooms and two bathrooms on two levels. The living area has been creatively designed, with a mezzanine leading to the second floor. The home is also comfortable to work in, with a dedicated work room on the second floor.

As the seasons change, you can enjoy the lake through the Scandinavian-style floor-to-ceiling windows, and you can find activities in any weather: swimming and skiing, bird and animal watching in the Labanoras forest, rocking in the outdoor chairs and warming yourself by the fireplace. Your body will thank you for the home sauna with a relaxation area, and if you add a jacuzzi, you will have your own private spa. In a completely private area, you will live the way you have always dreamed of: in harmony with yourself and with nature. Vilnius city centre can be reached in 45 minutes by car, and the Molėtai crossroads is just 5 km away.

Guide Price: $1,483,940

Finders/concierge fee
3% of final property price paid within three working days of successful conclusion to any Slay Network nominated account.

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The mornings begin with a glimpse of the horizon of a waking forest, and the evenings end with meditation on your own water platform, watching the water ripple softly.

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