Impeach Trump and Hold his Enablers Accountable

I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical. These famous words were stated by our wise forefather Thomas Jefferson and are just as relevant today as the day that they were spoken. We now have a president that is controlled by our nation’s mortal enemy, President Vladimir Putin, of Russia. Everything that we hold dear, everything that we hold sacred, the entire West as well as the entire planet is in dire jeopardy due to this 2018 Benedict Arnold.

It has been clear for some time that Trump was compromised by the Russians. Former President Barak Obama knew this to be true but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican, blocked Obama mentioning this to the public. This was the first case of obstruction.
Later, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, said in a meeting that he did not realize was being taped that he believed Trump was being paid by Putin but to keep this story secret. This conversation was spoken about for about five minutes in the media then forgotten about.
Former FBI Director James Comey began investigation Russian interference into the 2016 Presidential elections. Trump, who had by this time been elected and confirmed found out about the investigation. He tried to make Comey give him an oath of loyalty like a mafia casino boss. Comey refused, and was fired. Trump then went on television and admitted that he fired Comey due to the, “Russian thing”.

As a result, Robert Mueller, a former decorated US Marine and FBI Director himself was hired to be a special prosecutor to look into obstruction of Justice and collusion. The legal term is not collusion but conspiracy. Despite Trump calling this investigation a witch hunt, to date, there has been 5 convictions, 24 indictments, and close to 200 charges. For this to be called a witch hunt there sure seems to be a lot of witches. The 5 convictions are of people within Trump’s inner circle. These include Michael Flynn who was Trump’s National Security Adviser; George Papadopolous, a former foreign policy adviser to Trump’s campaign; Rick Gates, another campaign adviser and assistant to Paul Manafort, who has been charged; Alex van der Zwaan a Dutch lawyer who was an associate of Rick Gates; and Richard Pinedo.

Since Trump has taken office it has been clear that he has a mission to destroy American institutions, as well as relations with America’s closest allies. He has worked towards destroying our good name with our allies even branding the EU our biggest foe and saying that Canada is a national security risk. This is preposterous to say the least. He has attacked NATO publicly and stated openly that the USA might leave. Weakening Europe which would make it much easier for Russia to invade neighboring countries then enter Western European nations. At the same time Trump has spoken candidly about his fondness for dictators, especially Putin. While he tries to destroy our traditional relationships, he tries to make allies of our sworn enemies.

It has been obvious to those paying attention that Trump is trying to destroy America. He is trying to create division by appealing to his racist base. For them they can do no wrong. As long as he brings in fascist, anti-American, racist policies by painting anyone that is not White or Christian as the enemy then they will support and protect him. He was even on the world stage talking about how immigration is changing the cultural fabric of Europe. A dog whistle to White Supremacists worldwide. Make no mistake, Putin is also against immigration by people that are not ethnically White and feels threatened by Muslims and North Africans, Pakistanis, and Indians into Europe.

There have been treacherous Republicans as well with none bigger then Representative Devin Nunes out of California. This traitor is the head of the House Intelligence Committee which has been tasked with investigating the Russian investigation in order to know how to prevent another attack in the future. Traitor Nunes has been taking the information and giving it to the White House. Makes you wonder what the Russians have on him. It has also been recently discovered that the Russians gave money to the RNC as well as many individual Republican politicians. The NRA and Christian Churches have been the main source for funneling money.
Today, on a platform for the world to see, Trump once again siding with Putin and blaming American intelligence for the Russian meddling in the election. When given the chance to speak out against Putin, Trump sucked up to him. If people did not think that Putin controlled Trump, they do now. There can no longer be any doubt that Putin controls Trump and that Trump is working for the Russians against the interests of the American people. In turn this puts us all at risk.

This begs the question; will the Republicans do what is right and impeach Trump even though they act like they are upset but have a history of supporting party over country or will they cower to Trump and his racist base. It is clear that we are in clear and present danger to Trump and if they do not act then what can we do? We can wait for Mueller but there is no guarantee even that if Mueller proves collision beyond a shadow of the doubt, that Trump is colluding, that the Republicans will act. We can try for a Blue Storm in November and try to take back the House and Senate, but with knowledge of Russia hacking our elections before and still working to do so, then there is no way we can be sure of a fair election.

The only choice left is revolution. There is no doubt that our forefathers already would have taken to the streets. I believe that a revolution should happen and will happen. If it does happen then it should be a peaceful revolution like the Tunisians had during the Arab Spring of 2011. The Tunisians demonstrated against their corrupt government by taking to the streets and protesting peacefully, and within two weeks, the dictator Ben Ali was out of office. If the Republicans refuse to act then we should peacefully take to the streets and protest every day until the would-be dictator, the enemy of America, Trump is out of office.
Once Trump is out of office, we should then work to impeach his enablers or continue protesting until they are all out of office as well. These people should be arrested, tried, and punished for treason. The penalty for treason is execution and this would be a just end to Trump’s reign of treachery against the American people.

By Contemporary Muslim

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Impeach Trump and Hold his Enablers Accountable
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