I just looked at some packs of noodles at home

I just looked at some packs of noodles I have at home. The average seems to be about 300 calories per pack. So you are talking about an extremely restrictive diet under 1000 calories a day. That alone will be difficult to stick to. Are you very overweight and your doctor has suggested you lose weight quickly? Otherwise, what’s the hurry?

You will find this diet very boring and also you will probably think about all the good things you can’t eat. This generally leads to people not being able to stick to the diet. That’s actually a good thing, because you are missing out on some important nutrition. That broccoli and cheese (or hummus with pita) will start looking irresistible, for example, because it’s good for you and you are hungry. Even if you can make it for a full month, though, I don’t see how it can cause any permanent long-term damage to your health.

To make this diet both easier and more healthy, I suggest you allow as many vegetables as you want, in addition to the noodles. Allowing “free” fruits and vegetables is endorsed by the Weight Watchers diet programs. (Except potatoes, avocados, and corn/maize). And instead of three identical meals per day, I suggest you find something else that you actually enjoy that is about 500 calories and choose that for one of your meals once a day.

You can’t eat like this forever, of course, so you will probably gain most of the weight back. A more healthy and sustainable weight-loss program would be to lose one or two pounds per month. You can achieve that by cutting out your worst snacking habit, whatever that is. Chips, soda, candy, or secret midnight fried chicken. Just stop that one thing and let your weight fall slowly and more naturally.

If you insist on doing this here are some gorgeous ideas below.

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