Hi, I’m Steph. I like to think that I’ve mostly calmed down, but sometimes I liked to reminisce over the good old days.
There was this one time when I hooked up with a completely random stranger at a nightclub, going back to his place and giving him an extra special surprise from me and my girlfriend, Anna. This was when I was in Uni and everything was new and exciting for a 19-year-old Steph. I left home and was in a new city. I think it was the complete sense of uninhibited freedom that did it for me.
My hometown was a small place, so you had to mind your behaviour. It was a death sentence for your reputation to be labeled a slut. My family was quite well known, and I couldn’t drag my dad’s name through the mud.
But in a new city, with so many people… I felt like I was completely free to live my life how I pleased. I also broke up with my long-term boyfriend before I moved, so I could do whatever I pleased without having to worry or answer to anyone.
Warning, I did some crazy ass shit in my time. It was reckless, really, so if that offends your sensibilities, you may not want to read further. Just pretend good lil’ Steph here met a nice boy in university and settled down with him. That’s kinda true too, but not before I enjoyed being a promiscuous little harlot.
My bestie at the time was in a similar situation — fresh faced in a big new city — and we bonded quickly. Anna wanted to have some fun too, so we quickly became a pair.
On the weekends, we would hang out together, get some drinks going and get ready for a night out.
One night when we were suitably boozed up and buzzing with good vibes, we decided to go to one of the better known clubs. It wasn’t fair, but the bouncer knew us, so we got inside for free, skipping the line. It was amazing how some unsubtle flirting worked for me and Anna. Don’t even get me started on the one time I blew a manager behind a well-known restaurant franchise for some late night burgers and fries. Extra large.
It was past midnight, and the club was loud, packed, and filled to the brim with horny young adults.
When we got inside the club, we split up to hook up, and had a simple system of dropping a text every thirty minutes or so, so we knew we were both okay. We knew how to have fun, but we always watched each other’s back.
I found myself standing alone, like some wallflower, which happened now and again. I felt like no one was interested in me, or everyone was too afraid to approach me, until a hot-as-hell guy came up to me. He was taller than me, but then again, I’m kinda petite, and he had a cute, cheeky smile and I could tell he was quite fit under his shirt.

He introduced himself and we made small talk. After a few minutes, I bluntly asked him if he wanted a blowjob.
“You want to do it here?” he grinned. Part question, part challenge.
I raised an eyebrow. “Well not here, in front of everyone, but you get the idea.”
I was well aware that he might think of me a total slut, but that was the point. I wasn’t looking for Mr Right, in the club.
“I’m game, if you are,” he smirked.
I took his hand and he led me to the restrooms.
Men around us paid me no mind; the ones that did knew the bastard was going to get lucky. Maybe one or two hoped I’d service them too.
We slid into an empty cubicle, and I got down on my knees and undid his belt and pulled down his jeans. It all felt nasty, the dank, sticky cubicle floor grinding against my kneecaps, but that only added to my arousal.
By the time I had his boxers down, he was rock hard. His cock sprung out towards me, and I licked my lips, making a show of it for his benefit.
It wasn’t the biggest dick I’d ever seen, but it was certainly a comfortable size.
Despite common assumptions, big dicks are nice, but most of the time, they hurt. I’m a small girl, and it’s no fun feeling as if you have a baseball bat shoved up your pussy.

I didn’t know what it was, but his cock tasted pleasant. I’ve never been crazy about the taste of a dick, but he tasted clean, and I loved that.
I was getting sloppy with his dick; stroking him up and down, running my tongue all over him, feeling the length of his cock along the tip of my tongue.
And then, as an extra special treat, I worked his dick down my throat. I deepthroated him, stretching my throat muscles until I gagged. He hand flew to my head immediately as he felt his cock being constricted like that, twisting his fingers into my hair and tugging away at me as he groaned.
“Fuck. Fuck me, you’re an amazing cocksucker.”
I smiled to myself. I loved the power my mouth had over him, knowing he wasn’t going to forget this night anytime soon. Knowing that only a thin partition separated us from the other men in the men’s bathroom heightened my arousal.
After a few minutes of my skilled assault upon his dick, he grunted and ejaculated. His cock swelled in my throat, filling me with cum. Being the good girl that I am, I made sure to swallow it all down, all the while locking eyes with him. I love that doped up stupor men get when I make them completely empty their balls.
After we were done, he helped me up.
“Would you like to come back to my place?”
“Sure,” I replied, after thinking it through.
Normally, I’d say no, as I didn’t want to ditch Anna, but I couldn’t resist. Usually guys would fuck off after they were spent. Maybe with this one, he had more stamina than most guys. I was eager to find out.
Arm in arm, we caught a quick uber, and ended up at his house maybe fifteen minutes later. I was glad to find out that he wasn’t in a student flats or anything, he gave the impression that he was a working man.
He invited me in, we had a drink and chatted for a few minutes before we went upstairs.
Once we were inside his bedroom, I practically threw myself at him.
We were rolling around on his bed, helping each other get naked. He kissed my breasts and neck, and it wasn’t long before I got all hot and wet for him again.
I slid down his ripped body, and found myself staring at his cock once more. I sucked him for a little while, enjoying fellating him. He seemed to be happy to let me make him cum again with my mouth, but my pussy ached for him. So, I climbed forward, and sat on his cock.
Then I started grinding on his dick.
My entrance glazed the underside of his delicious cock, coating him with my nectar and sending shocks of desire through me.
“Oh fuck, you’re such a tease,” he groaned, as his hands reached out and kneaded my breasts. “I need to be inside you.”
“We only just met barely an hour ago,” I giggled. “You must think I’m a slut.”
“Oh, I do,” he replied honestly. “But I like that. I love women who are sexually confident.”
“Good answer.”
I wrapped my fingers around his thick, pulsating shaft and lifted my body up a little, just enough so his tip could kiss my inflamed pussy lips.
“Fuck,” he hissed.
“You want in?”

“C-condoms,” he groaned.
I loosened my fingers a little, letting his tip enter me, just a little.
“Oh, God,” he swallowed.
“Hmm, I guess you could put one on,” I pondered, letting another inch of his dick enter me. “Or I could just let you fuck my brains out right now. Why ruin the mood?”
“Fuck it, let’s go nuts.”
I smiled again. Men are so weak when they’re inside my pussy, with nothing between us.
I let him slide into me and he let out a cry of pure ecstasy. He thrust his hips, forcing his cock in and out of my soppy wet cunt as fast as he could.
He was like a fucking racehorse, not slowing down at all. He fucked me hard for a good few minutes, driving me to the edge of my own orgasm, until I heard my phone ring. I fished for my phone out of my purse as he continued fucking me.
I guess it was kinda rude, but I figured he’d forgive me, on account of that he was getting the best pussy ever.
I answered and Anna was wondering where I was. I just told her the truth, that I was fucking some random dude right then.
She giggled, thinking it was hilarious, because she wasn’t getting much luck at the club.
Then I had an idea. I asked her to join us. I was half joking, half teasing, but was surprised when she agreed to it.
This dude was about to be in for the best night of his life.
I looked down and asked him for his address. I gave him a lame excuse, that my flatmate forgot her keys. He was so fogged up in pleasure, I was sure he wasn’t thinking straight.
I texted Anna the address, and not too long later, she texted, saying she was outside. I got off of his dick and told him to wait, that I would be back after I gave my flatmate the keys.
He nodded, and headed to what I presumed was the bathroom to freshen up.
I went downstairs and unlocked the front door.
Anna was waiting outside, shivering a little from the cold early morning air.
I was already naked, and she gave me that shit eating grin. I quickly helped her strip in the living room, before we crept up the stairs.
To be honest, this was kinda insane. I’d never actually been in a threesome before, and definitely not played with Anna. My heart was buzzing from the amount of crazy things I was doing tonight.
We pushed open the door into his room and walked in together. Anna was about the same height as me, but she was a blonde, had a peachier ass (my opinion), and nice perky tits. We stood at the end of his bed, grinning at him. He was on the bed, arms behind his head as he propped comfortably on his pillows, waiting for my return.
“What’s going on?” he asked.
“This is my friend. She’s feeling a little lonely tonight, and she was hoping she could join us. That is, if you can handle it.”
“More than happy to,” he smiled.
God, he had a cocky confidence about him, and I had a feeling he could back it up too. Either way, we were both going to find out.
We got on our hands and knees, crawling up towards him like a pair of cock-hungry vamps.
We got our heads right down to his hardened cock and went to work. Using our tongues and lips, we did everything we could to worship his cock with our mouths. From stroking him into each other’s mouth, to running our tongues up and down his shaft in unison and occasionally giving each other naughty kisses, just so we could taste him in each other’s mouth.

What drove him mad with need, was when we both started sucking on his tip like we were sharing a lollipop. Once we started, he couldn’t hold back. Our lips and tongues made love to his cock until he let out a loud groan.
“Best fucking night of my life,” he moaned, stroking our heads with his hands. I gripped his cock again and pumped while we teased him with our mouths.
“Oh fuck,” he cried out. “I’m going to cum.”
We stuck our tongues out like pornstars, as he blew his load. Hot, thick cum sprayed on our tongues; Anna moaned as another load hit her cheek. Being greedy, I closed my mouth over his tip and we shared his cum between our mouths, before eagerly swallowing it all up.
He seemed spent after all of that, but when Anna and I started sucking on his flaccid cock again a few minutes later, he was soon rock hard again.
“I’m really fucking wet,” Anna groaned. “Do you mind if I…?”
“Be my guest,” I said, as if I had ownership to this guy’s dick.
Anna climbed up on his lap, and impaled herself onto his dick. “Fuck, he’s thick,” she mewled.
I played with her tits as she slowly rode his cock. Anna was the first experience I had with another woman. I must admit, it was kinda fun.
The guy was having the time of his life with us. Anna and I giggled at the faces he was making as she rode him. The two of them were having their fun, and I was feeling left out, so I sat on his face.
“Fuck, much better,” I groaned.

He darted his tongue out and went to work on my pussy. The way he lapped at me felt amazing, as if he was genuinely trying to drink up my juices. Anna and I switched places a few times so we could share the fun.
I don’t know how long it lasted, but it felt like a while. We kept switching; sometimes I’d suck his cock, tasting myself and Anna on him, and sometimes he’d fuck one of us as the other watched.
Until, eventually, he stuttered out that he was about to cum while Anna was being fucked by him doggy style. I felt some kind of amusement, like it was almost like musical chairs. Any moment longer, and it would’ve been me on the receiving end of his orgasm.
He moaned loudly, fingers digging into Anna’s hips. Neither seemed to mind as he drove himself deep into my friend and emptied his load into her. I used my fingers to tease my clit, and after seeing my friend being filled like that, it wasn’t hard for me to climax.
To finish it off, the guy slid his slick cock out of an exhausted Anna, and I watched as his cum started leaking out of her well fucked pussy. Not wanting to waste it, I made her lie on her back — collapse, really — and ate her out, his cum and all.
That was too much for her, and when my lips closed over her clit, she shuddered and climaxed into my mouth.
God, that was fucking amazing too.
After all of that, we were all pretty exhausted.
Anna and I got dressed and left, doing the walk of shame together. We cuddled in the taxi all the way until we got back to mine. Spent, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.
It was a very eventful, slutty night, and I loved every second of it.
It was only when I started writing this that I realised I didn’t even ask the guy for his name.


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