Do you have a dream that you’ve buried deep down inside because you think it’s just not possible to attain? Maybe life has gotten in the way and you believe “Oh well, it’s just not meant to be.” You might think that and yet the dream stays there inside of you, lingering and resurfacing once in a while. There is a reason that dream is there. It’s like a seed that was planted and just needs to be watered to come to life and grow. And that seed is meant to be brought into this world by YOU via action, not just by thinking about it.
You say “By me? Why me? Why would little old me be capable of accomplishing something so wonderful?” Or perhaps you think “Who am I to do this?” To that, the answer is Who are you not to bring that dream to life, make your time count and be as happy as you can?
You have something unique and very precious to contribute to this world and the longer you keep that dream inside just to yourself, the longer you are keeping others from benefiting from it. It probably feels much more comfortable contemplating the dream in your mind than taking action but great things never came from comfort zones as they say.

You’ve got to go out there and get things moving. Start by taking one tiny action that brings that dream closer to coming to life. That small action will give you the confidence to then take a bigger action and so on and so forth.

Don’t try to figure out the full plan on how you will get there. Your dream is kind of like crossing a river by stepping on one rock at a time. At first glance, from one side of the river, you might not be able to spot every single rock that will lead you to the other side but once you start crossing over by stepping on one stone, you will see another and then another.
Stop just wishing and thinking and take that first step on that first rock in the river. You will be amazed at how supported you will feel on your journey and how that next unknown step becomes clear just when you are ready to take it.

By Red Fairy Project

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Life shouldn't feel like a giant to do list

Spend more time being. Being lost in the moment. Being at peace with who you are and where you are in the world. Being passionate about your work. Being kinder to yourself and others. Being happy. Being able to open your heart to love. Being okay with failure, but striving for success. Being the best version of yourself.Dictate your agendaAgendas are merely a way for us to stay organized. They should not control our lives. In the past, I let my agenda control my days, now I control my days. Sometimes, this requires saying no to certain things. This can be difficult for many people, but it is necessary. We cannot do it all and we should not do it all. Life should not feel like a giant to do list that is never ending. When there are too many things on our agenda, we become mediocre. Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Do you want to be remembered for how many things you completed on your agenda or what type of person you were?Be present Close your planner and focus in the moment you are in now, not the ten million things you need to do after. Disconnect to connect. Take a social media hiatus. Breathe in the fresh air. Appreciate the sunset. Go on a bike ride. Smile. Say “Hi”. Give someone a hug. This world around us is incredible; pause to have gratitude for it. The only thing we have is the present. Life is not days or years, it is what we do with the time we are given and the grace inside of us. Completely give yourself to the moment you are in. The future comes fast enough.Ask yourself what matters mostHow do your values play out in your agenda and life? Are the things you are doing aligned with your values and what matters most? Everything you do should have a genuine intention. Stay true to your values. When the things you do are aligned with the values you aspire to live out, you can focus more on being instead of doing. If your values do not align with your agenda, you are just doing and not being. Fix it, and you will find more serenity in your life.Take time for yourselfThis is probably one of the most challenging things to do, it is also the greatest life lesson I have learned. You cannot give 100% to anything you are doing, if you do not take time to refresh and reenergize. Everyone has their own way of doing this- for some it is working out or practicing yoga, for others it is journaling, or going to the beach. Figure out what helps you feel refreshed and do it, and do it often. It is not selfish to make time for yourself. You need to be the best version of yourself in order to be the best for others.

Source: By Brianna Reeves

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