Breathing is loud and ragged pleasure is over the top…

“What if I asked you to play with yourself right now?” Tina said, pausing for a second and locking the door to her office. “Would you do that for me?”

“Yes,” I responded, feeling the excitement of my desires rising and my heart rate spiking.

A full minute passed before I realized what I had said, and my heart started beating faster. I knew I should just stop and leave, but my sense of arousal had already defeated my logical brain, and my desires had the ball.

“Will you play with yourself naked or through your clothes?” Tina asked, pushing me against the wall.

“Naked,” I mumbled, feeling my panties starting to get wet.

“Ok, Drew, you know what to do,” she said and returned to her desk, sitting on it with her legs apart.

My skin was flushed, my nipples were rock hard and I was squirming as Tina pushed her thigh between my legs, grinding against the fabric of my panties. We passed the point of no return and there was no way to back out of this. I would be exposing myself willingly to my boss.

“Strip for me,” Tina ordered.

I stood and started to comply. Taking a deep breath, I looked straight into her eyes and began to undo the buttons on my blouse. One, two, three, and finally all the buttons were undone. My top fell open, and the cool air caressed my skin. Still constrained by my bra, my nipples were hardening, and I could feel them pushing against the soft cups. Goosebumps formed on my skin and my breathing was heavy.

The little clasp on my bra came undone and I felt the pressure deliciously lessen on my chest. I forced my eyes to stay open as I cupped both of my breasts without completely covering them and I took my thumb and forefingers and began to softly pinch and pull on each nipple. Loud moans and whimpers escaped my mouth as I went on, unable to take my eyes off Tina.

My nipples had always been extremely sensitive and masturbating for my voyeur boss was only heightening my feelings.

“Keep going, Drew,” my boss ordered again.

I was almost hyperventilating when I undid the zipper to my skirt, wiggling my butt as my skirt slipped down over my thighs and then steadying myself as I stepped out of it.

“Let me see your beautiful body, Drew.”

Each time she mentioned my name I was trembling with excitement. Now just in my wet panties, and feeling the chill of the air conditioning, I smiled at my fully erect nipples and I could detect the sweet scent of my pussy. Stopping for a moment, I ran a finger along my pussy, feeling myself up and enjoying the heat of my damp crotch through my tiny panties. I felt so exposed and naughty.

Steadying myself, I slipped my shoes from my feet, then I took the final step and my panties joined the rest of my clothes on the floor. Fully exposed to Tina, my boss, part of me wanted to just run away but I gathered the strength to control my lust weakening, and I once more gave in to the feelings.

“Very good, Drew. Turn around,” Tina’s voice was overwhelming.

I slowly swiveled on my bare feet, and it felt like every nerve in my body was crackling with electricity. I don’t think I have ever felt as turned on as I did at this moment.

“Drew, your pussy looks delicious,” she stated and without being prompted I traced the flat contours of my skin just above my pussy, running my middle finger between my legs, along the uneven petals of my vagina, and parted my lips for her.

My breathing was loud and ragged and my quiet whimpering filled the air. I was pinching and pulling on my nipples furiously now and my other fingers had focused on exploring the edges of my pussy, the heat and the moisture lubricating a pathway for them.

“Oh, Drew, that is so hot, you are making me so wet,” she said and moved her hand between her legs.

My breathing was now a continuous series of moans, which filled the empty silence of the office. One finger slowly moved up and down and around my pussy, and I could feel that wonderful sensation of approaching the top of the rollercoaster. I wanted to prolong the anticipation, but despite trying to keep my fingers from working my body too hard and too fast, I could hardly control them. I felt out of control and I went even faster.

I felt myself plunging over the edge like I was free-falling and there was nothing there to stop me. I held it for what seemed like an eternity, but I knew was only a minute or two, my knees buckled and I almost fell as a moan that sounded like a scream filled the room.

My hips went rigid and my body arched and bucked as I felt like I was falling. My orgasm was so intense, I could feel myself squirting and kept using my fingers until the sensitivity became too much and I had to stop.

My voyeur boss had remained silent throughout the entire thing, her hand slowly moving between her legs, and only as my breathing returned to normal, did she comment.

“That was so hot, Drew.”

I could not believe all of the things I had done. She was my boss and now I had masturbated and squirted on her office floor. Part of me thought I should be punished for giving in to my arousal.

“Drew, you will do this for me again,” she said while she got off her desk, striding toward me.

“Yes, I want to,” I uttered as she took my red thong from the floor and put it on display, on her desk.

I kneeled on the floor, grabbed my blouse, and put it on.

“Fuck,” I whispered as I was doing up the buttons and I realized I had forgotten to put on my bra.

My skirt was next, and I felt a rush as I realized I would have to work all day without panties.

“Drew, you’re such a naughty girl. Do you know that? Next time I’ll have to spank you.”

“Yes, please, I need you to punish me,” I nodded.

“Ok, back to work then, Drew,” she smiled and sat on her office chair acting like I wasn’t even there. “I’ll see you on Wednesday after work.”

My hand was shaking as I arranged my attire and turned to the door, unlocking and opening it. The office looked like nothing had happened, the phones were still ringing, and people were working while I went over to my desk.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








Breathing is loud and ragged pleasure is over the top…

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