My favourite games are the naughtiest ones!

I love looking at our reflection in the mirror, especially when he is doing me doggy, hard. The big red heart that I painted next to my landing strip is changing shape because of the way he is holding my hips. I see his right hand moving up and get ready for the slap that I am going to get, just as he shoves his dick all the way inside of me again.

Spring time, perfect for a walk in the forest. We are spending this long holiday weekend in the mountains, and I am looking forward to the afternoon in the spa. Yes, that naked spa where we have had some adventures in the past, both checking folks out, and being checked out.

The day is nice and sunny. I decide to wear my sports bra, his white shirt, and the denim mini skirt that he bought for me a few weeks ago. I know it will be chilly so I will be wearing one of his warm jackets on top. I will wear my new sneakers that I got over Xmas. A last minute decision is to go commando, no undies today.

I like to air my lady parts from time to time, and the fresh air of the mountains would do me good. As I am finishing getting dressed I grab my lipstick and decide to draw a little heart on my Venus mound. I am concocting a little kinky play for our walk.

The ride to the mountains is nice, we check into the hotel and in no time we are already exploring the nature paths. There is a path to one of the springs of water in the mountains and I convince Teddy to go for a hike to the source. It is fresh but nice for a brisk walk.

After we get out of town the path gets into a forest up a hill. I walk in front of Teddy. I know he likes looking at my legs, and how this turns him on. We get to a spot where there is a medium sized rock with nice lighting and I climb on it.

“Photo, Teddy?”

I see him stop and get his smartphone out. As he is starting to look for the best angle I remove his jacket and then innocently raise up my skirt to flash him. I see his jaw pop open and almost hit the ground.

“What’s that near your bush?”

I look at him innocently and tell him, “It is a subliminal hidden message to you.” I see that look of desire in his eyes that reflect his hunger for me.

We walk to the source and enjoy the warmth of the water while making out on a bench. I feel the warm wetness collecting between my legs, so I stand up and challenge him to chase me back to our hotel.

I start running and leave him to pick up his backpack and pack up his things. As soon as I get to that stone I climb on top again and wait patiently for him. I untie my shirt and get ready to flash him again. As I hear his steps I call him from the top of the rock, and when he looks up I raise my sports bra and flash my boobs at him.

I see him shaking his head in disbelief when he sees me. I climb down from the rock and make it all the way to our hotel. I climb the stairs and he is on already at my heels. I kiss him as he is fumbling with the keys trying to get the door to our room open and when we walk in I rest my hands on the chest of drawers in front of the mirror.

I look back and he is already removing his jeans together with his boxer shorts. His T shirt goes next and when I look down I see his cock hard and ready for me.

I get on my knees and grab his balls while I stroke his rod. I put my lips to his tip and taste his precum. I look up and I see his grimaces as I am getting him harder and harder. He looks down on me, and pulls me up by my arms.

He turns me around, raises my skirt and I feel the pulsating warmth of his cock on my wet folds. I bend down a bit more to present the best angle of insertion and I feel how deliciously his thick head is opening me up.

My heart misses a beat, as he slides deeper and deeper inside of me. And the wild pounding dance starts. He is taking it out on my pussy and I am loving it. He raises his hand and slaps my butt. I look at the cadence of the motion of his hips in the mirror and can see how much he is enjoying me right now. And this act of possession and care takes me over the edge. My orgasmic gates open up and my legs start shaking.

He holds me from my belly and locks eyes with me. I can see his mouth opening up as he starts roaring. The twitching of his dick together with the shaking of his legs is a reward from my hard teasing work. I get ready to receive his load, but the next slap on my ass takes me by surprise and drives me over the edge.

The stars have aligned again. We are coming together, and I know that my little call to his primal instinct on that rock worked. He turns me around and as he leads me to the bed he tells me:

“And now let me look at that little red heart next to your Bunny bush!”

I guess our shower together will have to wait a bit…


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








My favourite games are the naughtiest ones!

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