We always pay homage to the ones who birthed us. The women who fed us, changed us, nurtured us, and put up with our shit. (Wink) We take the time to thank them for their sacrifices, and their lessons. They dealt with the chaos along with the trials and tribulations of raising us. Just about everything that makes us who we are is because of them. The good and sometimes the bad. My mom knows I think she’s amazing. Widowed at 45 with two daughters, one being a teenager, she did her best to raise us with independence and taught us perseverance. She sent two daughters down the aisle, and got five beautiful grandchildren out of those deals. I think she’s pretty awesome.
I want to take the time now to talk about the moms who are no longer here. A few people I know have lost their moms this year. I know a lot who haven’t had their mothers in a very long time as well. I’m thinking about Kelly, Stephanie, Megan, and so many more. I know what it’s like to lose a parent, so Father’s Day totally sucks for me, and today I’m thinking about all the people I know and care about who are going to think about how tomorrow sucks as well.
So this is my message to you…
Tomorrow is going to be tough. Whether it’s the 1st without her or the 20th. Every year you’ll wake up until your own death and the day will be spent without her. You’ll think about how you wish she were there next to you. And nothing anyone says is going to make you feel better. All the flowers in the world, new perfume, dinners, etc. are wonderful, but it doesn’t change your heart. You get to feel the way you want to feel because you’ve earned that right. You can be sad or angry.
But this is what I want to tell you. You’re thought of by so many. You will be on my mind. If you’re a mother or father, you’ll look at your kids and think of your mom. If you’re a mother or a father of fur babies, you’ll look at them and think of her because she would be so proud at the parent you are. If you have siblings,  you’ll think of her, because she in some families she’s the reason you are siblings. If you are her only one, that makes you even more special because the plan all along was just to love only you! No matter what, you’ll think of her. But here is something I hope will bring you a little comfort… She is gone from the Earth, but not from your heart. Everything around you says she’s with you. Every moment of your life, your mom is there. You could turn on the radio and a song comes on that reminds you of her. Maybe it’s the memory of when she heard that song play at a family wedding you were all at. She jumped up with excitement and danced her butt off to it. And you marveled at how happy she was in that moment. That song will trigger that memory, and you’ll smile. It may bring a tear to your eye, but remember THAT moment! The happiness of it!
You are the biggest part of your mom. You are her creation. You are her biggest accomplishment. You are you because she made you. Her blood runs through your veins. Thicker than water.
On Mother’s Day, it’s a day to celebrate. So while you’re sad, thoughts of her when she was here – celebrate them as well. It’s a toughy, but you’ll be okay. You’re resilient. You’re just like her.
In the meantime, I’ll be thinking of you all with love.


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Her blood runs through your veins thicker than water

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