Executive Summary

Slay Network is a start-up technology company that aims to use artificial intelligence (AI) to create a fun and creative way for people to put themselves into photographs with their favorite celebrities, in the form of an app. Our app is called Slaylebrity AI, and we plan to make it available on both iOS and Android mobile devices. We believe that by utilizing modern technology and AI, we can create more unique and entertaining user experience than has ever been seen before in the posed photo industry.

We have gathered a team of talented software engineers and computer vision experts, who are familiar working with this technology, to turn our idea into a reality. To ensure that the final product meets all expectations, we plan to test out our product with a select group of consumers before officially releasing it to the public.

We plan to initially fund the development of our product through a combination of out of pocket funds, a bank loan, and crowdfunding. We estimate that our start-up costs will be $120,000, of which most will be focused on software development. Once our product is developed and deployed, our main source of income will come from a $34 fee for users to gain access to each photo render in up to 124 images in fifteen themes.

Market Analysis

The market for posed photograph products and services is a large and growing one. Our target market will include people from a wide range of age groups and income levels, and we anticipate that our market size will be in the millions, given the large number of people who are interested in putting themselves and their friends in photos with their favorite celebrities.

In addition, the AI technology that we plan to use is becoming increasingly popular, and has been used in products released by major brands, such as Apple and Microsoft. We believe that we can capitalize on this trend and provide users with a unique and exciting way to create posed photos with a celebrity.

Strategy and Implementation

Our strategy is to utilize modern AI technology to create an easy-to-use photo editor app that will allow users to create custom photos with their favorite celebrities. We plan to make the app as user-friendly as possible, as well as to include features such as social sharing and photo effects, to make it fun and engaging.

To ensure a successful launch and long-term success, we plan to collaborate with influential people in the entertainment industry, as well as with celebrities, to create awareness of our product. We plan to also focus on creating partnerships with other related services, such as photo printing companies, to expand our reach.

Finally, we plan to invest heavily in digital advertising, both online and through social media, to gain maximum exposure. In addition, we plan to monitor customer feedback closely in order to constantly improve our product to ensure the best user experience possible.

Organization and Personnel

Our organization will be structured as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in order to provide the greatest level of protection for our business.

We have assembled a talented team of software engineers, graphic designers, computer vision experts and sales and marketing professionals who have the necessary skills and expertise to launch and manage our product.

Financial Plan

We have estimated our start-up costs to be $120,000. Of this, $60,000 will go towards software development, $30,000 towards marketing and advertising, $20,000 towards salaries and benefits, and $10,000 towards travel and other miscellaneous costs.

We plan to finance our start-up costs through a combination of out of pocket funds, a bank loan, and crowdfunding. We estimate that the total cost of development and launch of our product will be $120,000, and anticipate that our product will be profitable within the first year.


First do celebrities only

Then Expand to
Private jets
Body change
Luxury homes


We at Slay Network believe that our Slaylebrity AI app has the potential to revolutionize the posed photo industry, and can provide users with a unique and entertaining way to capture special moments. With our experienced team and strategic plan for development, launch, and marketing, we anticipate that our product will be a success.








Incredible idea this is LITT

Thanks Chat GPT can’t wait to execute this plan

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