I loathe Narcissism but I approve of Vanity!

It is ok to be vain. I think there is a hard distinction between narcissism and vanity. The word, vanity closely associates with one’s extreme pride on physical appearance or abilities. Everyone has vanity of some level. Without vanity, there’s no need for the style of cloths, nor fashions of any field. The people in vogue magazine would be all unemployed. I would lose 90% of my clients who need portrait or Boudoir photography. And the majority of people in U.S. would stop working out at Gyms. Why? because vanity is the main element that drives one’s e desire to “Improve” one’s appearance or ability… In that sense, I as a photographer, not only approve of it but also have to appreciate one’s vanity through my lens.

On the contrary, Narcissists are oftentimes megalomaniacs who prone to drown in their own delusions of grandeur. It’s the selfish customer with Me, Me, Me. “I don’t look like this. I don’t look like that.” “It’s not even properly focused. My selfies look even better than this etc etc…” “Make me skinny in Photoshop”
…Makes me want to shoot myself (Photographic pun intended)

By kozuship photography

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Are you vain or a Narcissist?

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