HYT has chosen Mexico as the inspiration and launch pad for its latest SOONOW limited edition. As the Mexican people prepare to celebrate the human cycle on the Day of the Dead this November, the five-strong series will premiere at three exhibitions – the EMWA Fest, Berger Fest and SIAR. These watches wink at the tradition of creating multi-colored sugar skulls, and at the Mexican flag, presenting their own visual anthem to time’s passage in red, green and white. The spectacular Mexican festival is coming soon; this SOONOW limited edition is here right now. But now doesn’t last forever – blink and you could miss it.


HYT defines the present as an energizing cliffhanger, never as a precariously suspended moment of gratification or information on demand. The meaning of time is the content we give it, every single step of the way. SOONOW showcases this dynamic view of the now as a mobile pivotal point between the path traveled so far, and what could potentially lie ahead. Immediacy becomes an open door. The past empowers the present; then they build the future together.

Visualizing this flow is a patented fluidic module that works in perfect harmony with an exclusive mechanical movement, in an apparently unconventional union. Two partially visible, multi-layer bellows inject energy into the system to initiate the representation of time’s transience via two contrasting liquids. In the latest SOONOW timepieces, time already lived is recalled by a see-through fluid. Red then makes its series debut as the color of life to indicate the immediate future. The meeting point of the liquids, the present, may only be a drop in the ocean of life, but it is all we have right now.

Opposites interact

SOONOW by HYT is a joint venture between art and science. Meticulous mathematical calculation meets a multi-dimensional depiction of the human skull. In the Mexican-inspired watches, a total of 313 5N 18-karat rose gold pins make up the three-dimensional symbol of life’s cycle on a titanium dial. Punctuating the monochromatic canvas are 937 perforations. Mathematics and esthetics emerge as strong partners, spelling out the numbers of each hour via precision drilling, with the exact center of each word facilitating on-the-dot timing accuracy.

Ahead of its times

The skull-shaped capillary in this SOONOW quintet, with its many tiny bends and angles, represents a long, rewarding journey of technical innovation. Here it smiles at its Mexican context with eye-catching semi-translucent, green polymer teeth. One pupil mirroring the power reserve level peers out from a disc sitting behind one eye socket. Providing a twist on the concept of red-eye, this also turns red when its energy bank is empty. The other eye focuses on the passing of the watch’s briefest recorded unit, completing a full rotation in 60 seconds. The words “SOON” and “NOW” remind us that time is precious in a way that no living iris could. C7 Super-LumiNova® around the eye, nose and mouth openings, as well as underneath the capillary, confirms that not only the Day of the Dead has 24 sacred hours.

Every drop counts

A timepiece with a mechanism capable of defying gravity is indisputably authentic in its love of individuality. The design language of SOONOW is committed to using three-dimensionality and thought-provoking detail to add new perspectives to watchmaking – and time-telling. Since time lends itself to being contemplated from different individual viewpoints, HYT is determined its timepieces always should do the same. Sitting comfortably on the wrist this timepiece merges domed shaping, pebble-smooth lines and a transparent structure.

Now is the time to secure a unique, portable reminder of the essential truth that WE decide how soon now really is.


– Red fluidic hours (inverted liquids)
– Seconds, power reserve
– Stainless steel, black DLC coating and satin finishes
– Diameter: 48.8 mm
– Height: 20.08 mm
– Stainless steel screw-down crown, black DLC coating
– Domed sapphire crystal; engraved HYT logo and hour indication
– Screwed case-back, with sapphire crystal, “one of five” decal
– Water-resistant to 50 metres
HYT’s exclusive patented micro-fluidic module:
– Borosilicate glass capillary tube with nano-coating interior, bent into a new shaped form
– Multi-layer metal bellows
– Two immiscible liquids; one transparent, the other one coloured with a highly resistant dye
– Thermal compensator with dedicated bellows and specific liquid
– High-tech ceramic fluid restrictors
– Mechanical with manual winding, exclusive calibre
– 28,800 Vph, 4 Hz, 35 jewels
– Hand-bevelled bridges adorned with Côtes de Genève
– 65-hour power reserve
– Transmission between movement and fluidic module by conversion of rotation into linear movement using a cam-follower system
– Isostatic connection of the fluidic system guaranteed by a trident
– Titanium dial with black DLC coating, 937 perforations
– Hour markers with numerals written in full around the side of the dial
– 313 5N gold pins (18-carat)
– C7 Super-LumiNova® rail under the capillary
– Polymer teeth
– C7 Super-LumiNova® outline around the eye, nose and mouth openings
– Seconds indicator disc (left eye) with “SOON” and “NOW” pattern
– Power reserve indicator (right eye)
Strap: Dark grey rubber, titanium folding buckle, black DLC coating
Product reference: H02354-A; Limited edition of 5pieces

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