Hugh Spa is a Korean day spa for women designed to help you obtain health and beauty by all natural means. Inspired by the Korean word ‘hyu-ga’, which means to ‘take a break and throw all your troubles out the door’, Hugh Spa focuses on just that. They are a detox sanctuary, offering a variety of special amenities and services to satisfy your every detox need. Whether it’s the signature body scrubs to exfoliate impurities away, thr Herb V-steam to help strengthen your uterus, or the incredibly healing Infrared Magnet Room, Hugh Spa has got it all.
Although the day spa is only for women, men are more than welcome to our world class massage, waxing and skin care services.

Whether you just need a little hydration boost or a little detox session, this place has got you covered (literally) with the luxurious body wraps. Choose between a variety of wraps to give your body exactly what it needs.

Hugh Spa offers a wide variety of special detox rooms and amenities. We weren’t kidding when we said this was a detox sanctuary.
The cost to use the amenities varies depending on which treatments you choose.

Prior to treatment, 15 minutes in the steam sauna is recommended to prep your skin for the scrub.


1.213.559.7771 (Sprint users)
1101 S Vermont Ave
#206 Los Angeles, CA 90006

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V Steam together

This treatment helps correct digestive orders, regulate menstrual cycle, ease fatigue and headaches, strengthen uterus, help with infertility and much more

Relaxing in the ice room at Hugh spa

Relaxing in the charcoal mud clay

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Literally the Disney land of spas

The V steam is littt!

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