Puia Shamsossadati is the founder of This Is A Man’s World, an account devoted to inspiring and motivating people to achieve their dreams through highly-curated photos and videos. With over 2 million followers, this account is one of the most popular inspirational accounts out there. But how did he do it?

Shamsossadati lives in Sweden but hails from Iran. His family left his home country during the Iran-Iraq war, at the age of 14. His parents, who both had good-paying jobs back in Iran, were unable to find something that would provide an equivalent income. They lacked the language or skills necessary in Sweden, but they were happy to be out of their beloved, yet war-torn country. 

Bucking the desires of his family to become a doctor and fill a traditional role in Sweden, Shamsossadati instead followed his passion for design and engineering, ultimately developing a background in industrial design. Obsessing over programs like Photoshop and 3D CAD, Shamsossadati seemed to perfectly prime himself for the Instagram platform.

But you might be asking yourself, “Why the dot in the name thisisamans.world?” The answer will actually surprise you. Shamsossadati had originally started the account under “thisisamansworld,” without the dot, but after reaching over 100,000 followers, Instagram pulled the account.

It seems that the account had unknowingly violated some Instagram terms and conditions while posting pictures of women. For a week or two, Shamsossadati was extremely disheartened. He had poured an enormous amount of work and effort into the account, but was left with nothing when it was pulled.

After the depression subsided, determination took its place. He reached out to other accounts on the platform that he had already developed a relationship with such as, The Billionaire’s Club and Dan Blizerian, who helped him get a large majority of his followers back.

But the most interesting part of Shamsossadati’s journey, and something that not many others know about him, is that he is the founder of Golden Concepts, a high-end, luxury customizer of iPhones. Dipped into lustrous 24k gold, and offered with options that include custom engraving and diamond-encrusting, Golden Concepts carved (quite literally) a niche for itself in a market that largely didn’t exist in the past. 

The most mind-bending part of this is that he launched this business after only about one week of research. Like other successful individuals, he decided and acted quickly, but with the advantage of growing the business through his already-established network of millions of followers.

As an industrial designer, he even went as far as designing the packaging and boxing that truly makes receiving and unwrapping one of his phones a luxury experience in-and-of itself. Today, Golden Concepts phones start at $4,995. However,Shamsossadati tells me that phones go up in price from there. The most expensive phone he’s sold was a $25,000 diamond-encrusted phone made for a Russian businessman who he says wants to remain anonymous.

That’s just a glimpse of the type of clientele he has. Everyone from celebrities to the Saudi Royal Family have contacted him for phones. So the question then remains is, how did he do it? How did he manage to build up such a large following on Instagram, and to subsequently launch a multi-million-dollar business with next to zero dollars spent on advertising and marketing?

It took him 3 years to reach 2 million followers, and in that time he’s connected with some of the most important people in the world and received access to a world of opulence and luxury unbeknownst to him before. What he found that worked the best was when other people with similar profiles gave him a shout-out. That’s how his numbers climbed the fastest.

In the beginning, he did comment on other popular feeds, but only for a short time. His feed picked up steam due to the high-quality content in the form of pictures and inspirational thoughts and ideas that would help people achieve their dreams. While it sounds simple, it’s far from it. He’s spent thousands of hours curating his content, editing photos and networking with people. It didn’t happen overnight.

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