Do your sunnies match your swimwear? Well for some stylish slaylebrities this is a must this summer!
A far cry away from the tragic sandals and socks combo, or those horrific red bra straps poking out of the blue boob tube… You know who you are, turning your back on the face of fashion. Anyway this got us thinking about “crazy” sun protectors.  Now that fashionable glasses are so in right now,?perhaps we are now entitled to call them accessories? We match our pearl colored specs with a black shift dress and our favorite pair of Wizard-Of-Oz Dorothy shoes for that understated yet vibrant business-woman look, so why not match our sunnies with our swimwear? Or not!

Whatever you decide you can’t go wrong when you shop the looks at Slay my beachwear and slay my shades


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Stylish slay my shades case

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