Bright colors get noticed, while neutral hues can blend into the background if you don’t spruce it up a bit. You’ll want to use both in your wardrobe for maximum versatility.
Research has shown that people associated black clothing with dominance.
If you want to command a room with your status, try wearing black. Or, if you’re trying to capture focus based on the merit of your ideas and personality, turn to vibrant colors. Yellow attire projects optimism and friendliness, orange accessories let everybody know you’re feeling energized and playful, and red clothes demand attention and read as confident.

This high fashion neutral jumpsuit look is a sure attention grabber. Available in white, black or light grey.

Price: $371.7
Includes complimentary VIP worldwide shipping.

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To glam up the full look we recommend Alana or Vicky by slay my hair. 

When you don't speak Italian but You speak slay

Tell it like it is

Reveal your inner peacock

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