Great garden party ideas start with thinking about how best to decorate your garden
Choose a garden party theme or colour, maybe echo the colours of surrounding flowering shrubs and plants. Add tablecloths, seat cushions and napkins to reflect your chosen colour palette. Draped fabric looks pretty for summer garden parties and will give extra protection from the sun if the weather is scorching.

If you’re looking to create a more formal garden party feel set the table as if you were hosting indoors. No need to be sparing on the attention to detail, dress the table with all the trimmings. Lay individual place settings with napkins and cutlery. Add a statement floral centerpiece or dot jam jars filled with flowers down the length of the table to add a more boho vibe.

Outdoor lanterns and lights are a must if you want to keep the garden party going once the sun goes down. Combining a selection of different styles creates a magical atmosphere reminiscent of the entrance to CS Lewis’s Narnia. If you don’t have a lawn for your lanterns, you can produce a similar effect by ‘planting’ them in large and sturdy pots on your patio or balcony. Go for solar-powered lights so you won’t have to scrabble around for extension cables or batteries.

If you are lucky enough to have a large garden, it pays to signpost walkways so you can guide guests to different areas. Lines of paper-bag lanterns will help illuminate any uneven surfaces or steps and look pretty as a picture into the bargain. Use battery-powered lights rather than tealights inside the bags so you can leave them unattended. Pop a weight, such as a stone, inside each bag if conditions get breezy.

Checkout some ideas below

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wooden chairs are a great idea

So dreamy

stunning decor

keep it green and simple

use lots of lights

Go for luxe vibes

Shisha is a great idea

Games keep things interesting

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