Whether you’ve been with Slay Club World for a while now, or you just signed up … or maybe you’re just thinking about signing up, this guide is for you. No matter why you’re looking for ways to grow your LuLaRoe business, This guide has got you covered.

Normal people live comfortable, normal lives. They like it that way. There’s nothing wrong with normal.

Except when it pertains to the rat race.

If you’re a normal person who’s tired of getting one raise a year (if that), tired of sitting under-utilized at your cubicle, tired of sitting over-utilized at your cubicle, tired of being tired, normal isn’t going to save you.

You only have three options at this point:
* Marry someone rich.
* Inherit a bunch of money.
* Sell your organs.

If you want to build your own career away from the rat race, free from the cubicle-prison, without the office drab, you need to be an outlier. You even need to be a tad weird to pull it off.

Slay Club World has helped many direct sales consultants and small business owners thrive and create financial freedom for themselves.

One thing for sure about life is if you want to do well find those who are doing well and do what they do. It’s literally that simple.

We scoured our top performers to determine what separates the top performers from those doing so well and these are the points we discovered:

Point 1
They know exactly who their target audience is. You see in order to sell effectively you must first pinpoint your target audience. Only then can you begin promoting what you are selling.

So who is the target audience for Slay Club World?

A. Luxury Shoppers: this group have the funds to buy luxury bespoke items. Slay club world VIP membership enables luxury shoppers to shop while getting access to 10-25% discounts exclusive to VIP members only.

B. Advertisers/ Luxury Brands: this group are those who are looking to advertise. Slay club world VIP membership enables luxury brands or advertisers to advertise on their own page as much as they want plus get access to advertise on any slay page on Slaylebrity at 10-25% discount.

C. Business opportunity seekers: this group are those who are looking to start a franchise, online business or network marketing business. Slay Club world VIP membership enables business opportunity seekers to own their own referral business while earning 10-25% commissions.

Point 2

They Know their why. Running a Slay club world business is a lot of work! If you don’t have a solid “why”, you are going to burn out rather quickly.

Why questions include:
Why did you sign up?
Why are you putting all this work in?
Why are you going to stick with it?
What’s your “end game”? What’s the point of doing this?

Knowing your “why” is essential to any business.

Point 3

They Brand themselves. Slay club world is already branded. When you see anything slay, you know they’re slay! Now, you need to brand yourself. This includes business cards, social media. Use Advertising mediums to get the word out.

Point 4

They are all super consistent. It takes time to make it in any business and the luxury goods market is especially difficult hence the bigger payout. Take your time, be consistent in your marketing, be in it for the long haul and you’ll see the results.

Point 5

At the beginning They Lived like they didn’t know when (and where) their next pay check would come from
When you don’t have the luxury of steady cash flow, paying bills and feeding yourself becomes a little bit harder.
Before escaping the rat race, you’ll want to audit all your spending habits to see where you can cut back. And We mean really cut back. If you have a partner/spouse, make sure they are on board because this will affect them too.
“ When I tell normal people I don’t own a television, I’m outcasted as the weird one (I’m sometimes even labeled ‘Millennial’).”

Weird people make sacrifices willingly. Here are some areas you can consider cutting back:

* Insurance — shop around for better offers
* Student loans —look to refinance if it’s in your best interest (pun intended)
* Cable/Internet — cut the cable, keep the internet (you’re going to need it)
* Subscriptions — cut them all (worst case scenario split a Netflix account with a friend or two)
* Food — eating out costs more than cooking for yourself (and no, you don’t need Blue Apron, look up cooking instructions on YouTube!)
* Rent — no shame in moving back with mom and dad
On top of cutting the luxuries from your life, you need to save up some cash in case hard times hit. Minimum 3 months saved. Put it into an account and don’t touch it!

Point 6

Believe you can actually make money on your own without having to show up and sit in a cubicle for 40 hours a week.

This is difficult for normal people to grasp. It’s something Most people don’t believe until They get their first Slay club world deposit.
$1200 for just one membership sale! Not bad. Our top earner thought That was the first (and last) time , Golly, this whole making-money-online thing isn’t that hard.
It’s not easy, but it’s possible to make money on your own. For most rat racers, trading 40 hours a week of your time for a paycheck is the only way you have been told to make a living.
You have been told a lie.
However, most people stick to the rat race not because it’s the only way they know, but because they think the alternative just isn’t feasible.
The average American household brings in $55,775 a year.
That’s $4,648 a month or $1,073 a week or $152 a day.
Have you ever tried making $152 in one day outside the rat race? This weekend try to make $304 on your own. Three hundred bucks is not enough to survive off of, but the purpose here is to prove a point:
When you break it down, making a living isn’t as grand and majestic as you think.
It takes hard work and relentlessness. Again, only weird people understand.

Point 7

Work outside normal working hours
Two years ago, Our top earner would come home from the rat race and binge watch Netflix for 6 hours, then go to bed, then do it all again the next day.
She was miserable.
Normal people can relate. Weird people utilize all of their time.
When 5 o’clock strikes, the day is not done. There are still 7 hours left. Weird people know they need to use their time wisely if they want to exit the rat race.
It’s unconventional. It’s weird. It works.
If you want to escape the rat race you have to put in the hours outside of the rat race to make it happen.

Point 8
Wake up on Monday morning with a purpose

Normal people complain about Mondays. Normal people live for Fridays.
Weird people understand Mondays are no different than any other day of the week. Mondays are another opportunity to put in the work to escape the rat race.
The weirdest of the weird, who know their purpose and are eager to fulfill it, wake up looking forward to Monday. They’ve examined their life and know what they want.
Normal people are afraid to look past next weekend.

Our top performers all love Mondays. It is their most productive day after a weekend of spending quality time with family. Rested and rejuvenated, They storm out of the gate ready to tackle the week. When Friday rolls around, They experience a twinge of sadness as they wind things down before another weekend of family time.
That’s weird, it’s not normal. It’s also why They are escaping the rat race and you are Not!

Takeaway points

Work hard to meet people and network.
“It’s the only way to build a loyal following… you’ve got to sell yourself, before you sell your product.”

Normal people drift through life. Weird people live with purpose.

To sign up to VIP CLICK HERE

To register as a slay bird follow the steps below

1. Create your Slaylebrity account at https://www.slaylebrity.com/#signup

2. UPGRADE TO VIP ACCOUNT HERE to get a referral account set up

3. Link to Elements
Within 10 business days, It’s simple. Receive your unique URL which will allow you to track and monitor your sales

4. Send traffic
Send traffic by updating old articles, adding banners to your site, creating new content, using social media, sales parties, or sending out a newsletter. We’re also willing to chat via live chat on slaylebrity if you need help or new ideas.

5. Earn Mega money
Earn between $2000-$5000 ( for every new annual subscriber you send

Earning is Easy
Within minutes of signing up, you can start using our content to send traffic.

See the numbers
As a slay club world member , you’ll get access to a detailed dashboard where you can monitor your performance and earnings. With over 30 pre-made reports, you’ll have all the data you need to make the right decisions.

The stats
Slay club world top performing members earn more than $3 million dollars per year.


How to make money (six figures) from Slay Club World

Normal people drift through life. Weird people live with purpose. You don’t have to be stuck in a rat cubicle for the rest of your life. If you want to build your own career away from the rat race, free from the cubicle-prison, without the office drab, you need to be an outlier. You even need to be a tad weird to pull it off.

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