Want to dress like a “cool mom”? Want for your children and their friends to think that your fashion sense is “the bomb”? Want for all of their parents to envy your style and your ability to rock it?
We will tell you the one thing that you ABSOLUTELY need to do to dress like a cool mom. Are you ready for it? Here it is…
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You are going to love this extremely Chic look from slay my look.

Includes coat jacket and headwear

Size: XS-XXL / UK 6-14
Price: $1060
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We are rocking it, just like we are rocking motherhood

Even when our clothes are too tight or too loose or even when we are still wearing yesterday’s pants, we are rocking it.

Give yourself a break

Give yourself a piece of chocolate.

Give yourself the title of “cool mom” because you are one.

And, give yourself some props and some well-deserved credit for exemplifying to your children

Personality are the only things that earn you the title of being “cool

How do you dress like a “cool mom”? You dress like you and you freakin’ rock it.

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