How to create your own fortune cookie

The hustler knows that success is no accident. They know that living the life that they want for themselves isn’t going to happen by accident. So the hustler very intentionally designs the life that she wants for herself.

Ask any hustler what is the most important thing in their life, and they will invariably say their family. They know that their most important relationships don’t grow, develop, and remain strong by accident. The hustler’s primary investment of emotional energy is intentionally directed towards these relationships. They’re too precious to leave to chance.
Ask the hustler why they focus on money and wealth creation, and you will discover that they what they seek isn’t the ability to buy “things.” The hustler seeks economic freedom above all else. Economic freedom provides choices, options, the ability to say yes to what brings meaning, and no to what doesn’t.

Intentionality is a mindset. The hustler deliberately pursues the exact life that they want. Luck loves a hustler, but only because the hustler is always pursuing the things that they envision. Hustlers hustle by intention.

While the non-hustler hopes, the hustler hustles

* While the non-hustler wishes, the hustler works.
* While the non-hustler waits, the hustler takes massive action.
* While the non-hustler plays, the hustler produces.
* While the non-hustler looks on with envy, the hustler is inspired.
* The non-hustler allows events to control his life while the hustler controls their response to events.
* While the non-hustler regrets, the hustler proudly reflects.

Success is the result of intentionally designing the life you want for yourself and taking massive action to bring that vision to life. Hustle to build that life.

By the Hustlers playbook

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There is no accidental success

Do you ever feel this way? Sometimes there are moments when you just want to stop everything because you are scared and tired. Entrepreneurs are there quite often due to the journey they take as a business owner. Being determined and diligent is important but doing that with intention will allow your engine to last 100x longer. How do you keep persevering despite the obstacles? Try these three steps First, pause to reflect. When we give ourselves a bit of space to reflect, we can learn to see our challenges in a digestible way. Do you have a big deadline? How might you break it down so that you don’t feel overwhelmed? Second, say “yes and” when solving problems. Someone is always going to stop you from getting somewhere. Don’t let that stop you from going where you want to go. How can you tell yourself “yes and” to take a step closer towards your goals and worry less about what others tell you? Lastly, hustle with intention. You may not get what you wanted. You may not get it even at the time you had wanted it. But if you continue working hard with intention, you may find yourself at the right place at the right time talking to the right person. That’s not luck. That’s results from hustling with intention. Take these approaches and create your own fortune cookie. This week ask yourself: “How might I use my passion to hustle with intention?”

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