Most people want to be millionaires, but they don’t necessarily know how to get there. You can become a millionaire in one year, provided that you have all the stuff needed, very good strategies, and indomitable spirit to achieve.

I’m using term “goal” instead of “dream” because a goal is a “dream with deadline.” A “goal” is measurable and quantifiable, like finishing professional technical writing certificate within three months with an excellent grade (at least 3.6 GPA) or selling 1000 copies of ebook within one month.

A “dream” is when you said that you wanted to shop for expensive clothes and jewelries someday, not knowing for sure how and when you’d come up with the money.

Goal setting is oftentimes overlooked when planning the future. Being “rich” or “happy” is too vague a statement. Your goals must be measurable and executable in logical steps. Only this way, a “dream” becomes a “goal” and, eventually, becomes reality. You need to have more than “can-do” attitude. You need a very strong drive to make things happen because you know exactly how.

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1 slay dollar = 1 USD

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Once you reach 500,000K followers you will have 0 membership fees and you will receive 50% commissions per referral. You’ll also receive 20% discount at the slay network store and 100 slay dollars(slay network currency) for every photo you share wearing a new slay network item.

A slogger cannot earn commissions for a referral who has been upgraded to Slaylebrity status.

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