The very reason that staying fit is so difficult is because of food.

Food is bae but staying fit is also kinda important. If you’re anything like us, you will know what it feels like when you are forced to give up on the food you desperately love because your double chin is completely covering your neck right now and might spill onto your chest any moment now!

We foodies have it very hard in life. Every day is a struggle between the heart that is full of cream-filled donuts and ice-creams and the head that has all sorts of alarm bells ringing inside it, warning us about the extra weight that we’re carrying.

However, it doesn’t have to be this hard. If you think about it, all it really burns down to, is balance. So this is for all the foodies out there, who love food too much to give it up, but who also want to stay fit. The first step is knowing your body well. If you have a slow metabolism, you might have to work harder than others to stay on-course your fitness routine and might even have to keep away from all sorts of delicious food completely for some time.

Here are some borderline genius tips for all foodies who want to stay slim and fit:

1. Drink 2 glasses of water before any meal

Drinking water before any meal, is a sure shot way of eating less in every meal. When you drink at least two glasses of water before your meal, you are effectively filling your stomach just a little bit, so you don’t feel too hungry and end up eating regretfully humongous portions. Moreover, water speeds up your metabolism and aids digestion of food, preventing bloating or acidity. Walk a little after every meal to fasten the metabolization of food.

2. Pile up on healthy fats, proteins and fiber

Healthy fats, proteins and fiber are essential nutrients for your body. Proteins in foods like eggs, milk and fish, helps in muscle development and repair and fiber in fruits and vegetables aids digestion and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Heart healthy fats found in foods like eggs, avocados and dark chocolate, are also your friends when eaten in a controlled manner. Include these nutrients in your diet and keep away from simple carbohydrates, sugars and fats. Swear off sugary drinks and sodas completely and replace these with fruit juices or milkshakes.

3. Don’t eat late in the night

A lot of your healthy food doesn’t help you because of the time that you are consuming your meals is probably wrong. Most diet experts will advise you to stop eating too late into the evening and night. You can probably set an alarm for around 5.30 pm or 6 pm to remind you to eat something filling then. Avoid eating too late into the night and if you have a party or a date planned for say, after 6 pm, you can either opt for healthy and light meals- something that is not too difficult to digest. Avoiding eating too late in the night guarantees a flatter tummy.

4. Drink lemon water to kill cravings

Probably the biggest curse of being a foodie is the illogical food cravings, especially for some really unhealthy and sugary, fatty foods. Drinking fresh lemon water has been known to kill these cravings. So the next time you see yourself reaching for your phone to order the biggest cheeseburger available at your nearest food joint, grab a glass of lemon water instead.

5. Breathe deep to shoo away cravings

Believe it or not, deep breathing also helps to fight food cravings. Typically, your cravings are the most intense when you’re overworked or stressed about something. Breathing deeply releases serotonin from the brain, which relaxes you and buys you time to think about your priorities and put your health first.

6. Do some legwork

If you want to be fit, you can’t shy away from the legwork. Do some chores, take the stairs instead of the lift, keep the food away from where you’re sitting so you have to walk to it, walk a little around your office or home every few hours, call a friend and break a few moves to your favourite songs. Basically, just keep yourself on your toes. Always remember, to earn that piece of red velvet cake, you need to do that much work as well. And it doesn’t all have to be boring and hard. Take baby steps and incorporate these small habits in your daily routine and before you know it, you’ll be burning calories even without knowing it.

7. Maintain a Cheat Day

You don’t necessarily have to give up on all your favorite junk foods. Maintain a day to reward yourself for not giving in to your cravings every so often. It can be on the weekend, since that is the time when you’re more likely to go out and eat. Decide on one dish that you have resisted for the longest time and gorge on it on your cheat day. This will both motivate you to work out and resist your most dire food cravings and will also allow you to satiate the foodie in you.

Checkout our top favorite cheat meals below.

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